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Other Tasks

Do you have other tasks that you need assistance with?

Our motto here at KJP Creative is “Here to help at the click of a button” – and that’s exactly what we intend to do with all our clients. If you need help with an area of your business and it’s online – then we’ll try to assist you or point you in the right direction of someone that can.

There are other tasks that we regularly are asked to do which fall under the following categories:

Website Content & SEO

Branding & Online Design

Offline Design




Website Content: It’s all well and good having an all singing-all dancing website however if it’s never updated or checked then it can work against you. People are looking for relevant and up to date information. Seeing something that was 2 years ago will not appeal to the majority and will cause your website to fall down in rank listing.

It’s important to be near the top of a search engine page (Google / Bing etc) as you’ll find that not many people search listings past page 1 or possibly page 2. Keeping a website updated regularly with fresh new content will help move your website up the ranks.

Also your website needs to have quality content. Content is key to keeping your ranking high and being within the first page of search engines. Think about the wording as you enter your content, think about what people actually want to hear about and write it as people would search for it within Google. And once you’ve managed to get someone to land on your site, you need to keep them there – which is where the quality comes in.

Here at KJP Creative we can help you with all of this and we offer SEO friendly web builds when we build your website or we can work with you to update your existing website to be SEO friendly.

Updating your website regularly may be something that you’re not used to doing, or you haven’t got the time to do it – again we can do that for you.

We can help with your website content in the following ways, plus anything else that you may require:

  • Updating blog posts / writing blog posts
  • Changing images / finding images
  • Database upkeep/ list building
  • Updating shop details/prices
  • Design changes / website tweaking




Branding & Online Design: In an ideal marketing world, all your pieces of business should look the same whether they are on your website, your social media or your email footer. If you’re missing this important part of the marketing package then we can help you by creating all the artwork you need to get your business looking professional and completing together in terms of marketing.

We will create all artwork to the correct specification that it’s required for, e.g. a Facebook header has exact dimensions that include a space for a profile pictures and wording.

Do all your platforms portray the same message? Do they all say the same message? These fall into ‘branding’ and a business needs to show completeness across the board.

You may want to create a marketing campaign which includes regular social media image posts – we can create these for you to keep inline with your branding.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you’d like some assistance with branding, point us in the direction and we’ll set everything up for you.




Offline Marketing: Are you looking to use alternative methods of marketing, like leaflet drops, putting up posters or using business cards? We can help put the designs together so you don’t have to.
Let us know what you’re thinking, send us your logo and we’ll do the rest. Design and print ready for you to hand over to your printers (and we can even help source a printer if this is new to you too!)

  • Posters (any paper size)
  • Leaflets (any size)
  • Business Cards
  • Headed Paper
  • Marketing cards

What ever your marketing needs, let us know and we can help. Please use the Contact Page to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you




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