5 Top Tips To Successful Facebook Ads

5 Top Tips To Successful Facebook Ads

Are you struggling to see good results with your Facebook Ads, not understanding why your efforts and money is failing? Let’s be honest, it can get a little confusing so understanding the basics behind Facebook advertising is both beneficial and crucial to the outcome and results.

  • Many people give Facebook ads a go without really understanding the make up of how they work.
  • A quick £5 or £10 here and there and they assume that they’re going to reach the world and are disappointed when they don’t

So, what makes a successful ad campaign?

What is going to make your Facebook ad stand out and produce results?

It all comes down to strategy.

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Know your product

Do you have a clear understanding of what your product is and what problem it is going to fix?

Do you have a solution to a problem?

Is someone going to benefit from purchasing your product or service? How? Why?

These are the types of questions that form the basis of your ad campaign and all things that need to be thought about in detail in order to understand what you are selling or promoting and who you are reaching. Could you talk about your product with a friend? Do you know what it does, what benefits it has, why it’s important and what it has to offer? Get to know your product inside out, so thoroughly that when you’re writing copy to go on your advert, you know without a doubt what you’re talking about.

Research other similar products or competition, have a look at what other companies are doing and the angle that they are coming from. What problems are they trying to help through their advertising?

Struggling to create a Facebook Ad campaign that produces results? Check out our top tips for business owners

Know your audience

You may have a broad understanding of the type of people you want to reach or target, but how well do you know them? Can you stand in their shoes and say that you ‘get it’; you can feel their pain points, their problems, hear what they’re looking for, resonate with the outcomes that they want to receive?

Break down your audience (persona) so when you’re creating your target audience within a campaign, you know exactly who to target. And there may be more than one type of persona – this will require a different ad set with its own set of targets. You may not be able to bundle everyone into the same bucket for one advert – that’s ok, split them up and create separate ad sets.

Know your budget

Right from the outset, work out and set your budget – and stick to it! Know the limits that you can go to and work your campaign to that price. You should always have a buffer for give and take but ensure that you set that buffer to your highest price and make sure that your ads do not go over it.

It’s always best to scale an ad campaign through its lifetime if possible, start small and increase the budget in small increments of around 20%-30% at a time. Pushing too high too quickly will not help, your ad may go into ‘limited learning’ or fail to reach the results you need. Always increase gradually or create a duplicate campaign (be careful of your cross over audiences if you are going down this route).

Know the right offer

What offer or hook are you using for your ad campaign? This will be the entrance to people getting into your sales funnel. What incentive are you offering them to purchase from you? What are they going to get in return if they go with you? Having the right offer, or hook, is important. Just as knowing your product, know what hook will reel them in. Is it adding value, is it solving a problem, is it something that your audience actually needs?

Know your funnel

Your funnel is the process of your customer journey.

Top of funnel (TOF): People who are completely new to you and your product, a cold audience and who you’ve not had any contact with before. This is the awareness stage, where someone is in the first stages of looking, perhaps not even knowingly in search of a service or product

Middle of funnel (MOF): Consideration stage, where people have started to research and are considering different products available. A warm audience may consider an offer if it was going to help or meet their needs.

Bottom of funnel (BOF): Your hot audience, they are ready to purchase, actively looking for a result.

Work out your ad campaigns depending on where you want to hit your audience, not everyone is in the same part of the funnel and they need to be targeted correctly depending on what stage they are in.

Working with Facebook ads is a great way to boost your audience, sales and see business growth all round, but it’s important that you do your research and understand your audience and products well in order to see the results that you desire. It can become quite expensive throwing money at ‘boosted’ Facebook posts that are not targeted correctly. We always suggest using your Ad Manager to set up your adverts correctly and by using the targeting options available.

If you’re struggling to see the results you need, we’d love to sit down and talk with you, creating a strategy and plan to make Facebook Ads work for you. Want to know more? Get in touch and let’s talk.

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Facebook Advertising

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Facebook Advertising

Are you using Facebook advertising for your business?

As a business owner, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everything that’s going on and jumping in with two feet trying to do it all: video marketing, blogging, email marketing, SEO, social media marketing – there are many options, it’s endless.

But the reality is that we cannot do it all – that is without burnout! Therefore, we must focus our efforts on what works, where our audience is likely to be and what attracts them. If we’re not reaching our audience, we might as well give up.

If we try to do every form of online marketing, we can find that we stretch ourselves too thin and work becomes sloppy, disengaging or not to the point and sales become a dream. In order to make online marketing effective for your business you need to establish what works for your business and stick to it.

There is one fact we know. Your audience is on social media. The social platforms are dominating all things online and this is where you need to get specific and dig deeper into how to target your audience at a personal level. Don’t throw all your eggs into one basket either, test what gets results and measure what works for you.

There is one platform though that can give your business amazing results if worked correctly, and that’s Facebook, in specific, Facebook advertising. Why do we choose Facebook? Here’s why:

Your audience is on Facebook!

With Facebook being the biggest of all social networks (2.32 billion monthly active users) it is providing individual businesses the biggest opportunities to get right in front of their ideal audience. It may not be your ideal platform but your target audience is on there somewhere, if you know where to look. 10 Reasons why you should be using Facebook Advertising for your business

Facebook ads are cheap!

They’re not free, but they can often not be far off. Facebook ads can be the cheapest form of online advertising if your targeting options are correct. You can easily set daily budgets so you can be assured you don’t spend more than you intend to.

How far can you get with the budget that you have? It’s about creating a clear focus and following a simple strategy that aligns with your targets, goals and budget.

Helps organic reach

Facebook encourage businesses to advertise and want you to spend money (of course!) but favour those who do. This means that your organic social media reach will go further. We totally believe in organic posting for Facebook – adding in paid Facebook ads will help boost your organic posts.

You don’t need a huge budget

As we said, you can do Facebook advertising on a budget. Typically, £5 worth of ads could get your business in front of 1,000 people. Just think how much £50 could reach, or even £100 – amazing, right! And you can be extremely picky on who those people may be by using in the targeting options when setting up your ads.

Facebook Ads are fast

Yes, Facebook advertising drives traffic almost instantly, and you can see immediate results. You could start reaching thousands of people today! If you’re looking for a quick way to drive traffic or to create conversions, this is a fantastic way to make this happen.

Brand Awareness

This is what all small businesses are striving for in a busy digital society, to be recognised and known. By using Facebook advertising you can create brand awareness very easily. It’s a great way to let people know what you’re offering and to promote services or products. If someone has seen your business in their news feed, they will be more likely to make a purchase when they realise this is something that they need. 10 Reasons why you should be using Facebook Advertising for your business

It’s easy to target customers

Facebook ads are brilliant at being able to target specific details, whether that be demographics, interests, job titles, or down to post codes – you can get specific with your audience. And you don’t have to just use one target, you can layer those details depending on what your promotion is offering. Save your target audience for another time or change them as you go – the options really are endless.

Once you’ve found an audience that converts, you can replicate them – this is called ‘lookalike audiences’. Facebook will take a custom audience and reach new people who are similar to that audience – meaning new targets for your business and new opportunities for conversions.

Facebook re-marketing

This option is also amazing! Re-marketing basically allows you to target people who have already taken an action, for example visited your website, used your mobile app, or given you an email address etc. These ads are presented when users visit other websites or use social media, watch videos and such like. It’s an extremely effective and powerful tool that could triple your conversion rates.

This option is ideal for hard offers – for sign ups, downloads, consultations etc.

Facebook increases website traffic

Facebook advertising is a great way to get more traffic to your website. By simply setting up a website click campaign, you can have users visiting your website in minutes. Once you’ve done this a number of times, you’ve got a batch of information to use for further retargeting campaigns and to entice people who have already taken the bait. Website click campaigns can be done from all forms of advertising but the joy of doing it within Facebook is the fact that it’s so precise and cost-effective which makes it more beneficial than other forms of advertising.

Quick advertising

Facebook adverts have a simple set-up process and produce fast results – the perfect equation for any advertising campaign. Compared to Google advertising, managing Facebook ads is a lot easier and once you are familiar with the process it can become an easy task to complete.

Don’t forget that using Facebook adverting will bring new users to your website and you will see an increase in your activity but this is not the end game – you want to see conversions! Ensure that when users visit your site or landing page, they are presented with something that is true to your business, provides value and gives solutions to what they are looking for. Make sure that your landing page doesn’t look tacky and it’s branded exactly the same as the advert they clicked on in the first place, including your tone of voice.

Your Facebook ads are still the voice of your business and should be professional and welcoming at all times.

Have you tried Facebook advertising for your business? What are your thoughts?

If you’d like to see bigger results this year and are ready to push forward with targeted social media advertising, we’d love the opportunity to chat with you. Get in touch and let’s talk.


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