Do You Have Confidence In Your Business?

Do You Have Confidence In Your Business?

When starting a business it can be hard to know what to make a priority and what to spend your time doing the most. Getting a new business off the ground, heard about and talked about takes time and effort and requires dedication. A question you need to ask yourself at the beginning of starting any business is “do you love and believe in what you are doing?” because if you can’t answer that question with a positive answer, it’s time to change direction now!

Running a business and seeing it through to success and beyond requires you to believe in what you are doing. It requires you to be 100% committed to the cause and to nurture and steer it in a clear direction.

You may not have all the answers right now if you’re at the beginning of your journey but that’s ok – you’ve got time to fill the shoes you’re trying to fill and to establish a client base who will be loyal and true followers of your brand.

How do you gain confidence in your business?

Have a clear vision

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” Warren Bennis

Having a clear idea of the vision you have for your business is an important first step in any business plan. A vision will direct and empower your future and the direction that your business goes. A clear vision has a positive impact on the organisation of the business and the growth and life of it.

A vision also acts as motivation for any person that is involved in the business too, standing together and building a business comes with alliance and compatibility with everyone involved.

If you have confidence in your vision, you have the confidence to push it forward and for it to happen.


Take risks

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” Mark Zuckerberg

Starting a business is a risk in itself, when you put your heart and soul into starting something new, along with risking personal circumstances, finances and health. But life would be boring if we all stuck to what we already knew and never took any risks.

The thought of no pay-check at the end of the month or giving so much in personal time can be daunting. However when we believe in what we are doing and we truly have a passion to see it through, those risks are worth taking. When we are confident that we are taking risks that are necessary to add value and substance to the drive, then things start to happen.

If you don’t do, you’ll only regret. That tears down confidence and knocks your ability to achieve. Assess the situation, make the preparations and take the risks – and believe that you will see results.


Keep learning

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” Pele

Confidence comes with time, we are not born with an excessive amount of self-confidence, it comes with practice and perseverance. It can be increased or deflated in the matter of minutes and is something that everyone needs to work on to keep it real. Study and education can give you the skills to communicate clearer and to learn how to work well with others. This is good in both personal and work situations. When we are confident in ourselves, it comes across in our business.

Learning helps you to be critical in your thinking and gives you the skills for problem solving. Being able to see problems before they arise and having the knowledge to work through and solve grey areas is great for business and your success rates.

Having knowledge provides a positive mindset that will help keep you focused. Using your knowledge and positivity to create clear goals is all part of growing a business plan. You can achieve great things if you believe in yourself.


Don’t be afraid to say no

“I’ve worked very hard at understanding myself, learning to be assertive. I’m past the point where I worry about people liking me.” Pam Dawber

When starting in business it can be extremely hard to say no, especially when you’re looking to bring in income and to raise the profile of your brand whilst trying to be liked by every potential customer you come into contact with. However learning to say no can be good for business. If you say yes to every circumstance that comes your way, your business will become swamped in things that are not necessarily in the best of interests of the business succeeding. By providing a service that adds value at every opportunity and allows the customer to feel special and appreciated is far more worthwhile than running out of resources by trying to please everyone at a fraction of your worth-price, just to get clients in.

However being able to say no comes with confidence. Being assertive is a great business asset, valuable to every business owner and comes by learning to feel comfortable in what you believe in and the direction that you want to see your business take.

These are just a few factors that will give you the confidence you need to be successful in your business venture. They are not vital elements in your business success but they will steer you in the clear direction and guide you in what you need to do to improve your business. Confidence can come with networking with other business professionals or reaching out to someone via email or telephone – anything that pushes you past your comfort zone and gives you a chance to develop your character in order to build your business.

Your business will grow when you become known. Whether this be your face or the face of the business but people need to hear about what your business represents and what value you can offer. By meeting the needs of the customer, you are building a pathway for people to connect with you. The more confident you are in building those relationships and pushing your business forward, the greater your business will become.

Are you committed 100% to the cause of your business? Are you prepared to give everything you have in order to give a service that people are willing to shout about? When you reach a place of confidence, you reach a place where your business will grow.

What can you do today that will boost your confidence and push your business forward? Feel free to comment below or get in touch if you’re looking for advice in marketing your business.

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