How To Find Customers On Social Media

How To Find Customers On Social Media

If you’re a startup or a small business that has just started out, you may be struggling to find new clients and to get your business moving forward. You need to know that social media is your friend. It’s there to assist in your business growth and to help you discover a whole world of endless possibilities.

As social media grows and develops, there are constantly new discoveries that are impacting our businesses and giving opportunities for client growth.

If you’ve jumped onto the social media platforms and opened every one available but not seeing results – that’s because you need strategy. You need to find what works for your business and work with social media channels that are aligned with what your business and clients need.

How can you find new clients on social media and how can you turn them from leads into converts? Check out our top 6 focus points…

Share user-generated content

Social media is a great place to create engagement with your customers. But it’s also a great place to find new customers. You can do this by sharing user-generated content. How? By encouraging users to submit photos showing off / wearing or using your products, asking them to tag the photos along with providing a dedicated hashtag that you can then monitor.

Proof that people are loving your products or services is reason for new customers to try and buy. Photos on social media can be seen by a wide audience and if users are mentioning your business in their posts, it will give way for potential customers to come and see what the fuss is all about.

You can then share or retweet the positive posts, along with any reviews that come through – showcasing your business.

Start at home

In the early days of starting a business, it’s vital to spread the word by telling friends and family about what you offer, then going further afield in your personal (and professional if applicable) network circles. Let everyone know what you’re doing and the step that you’ve taken. You can do this by physically speaking with people and leaving them a business card or you can share via your personal social media channels, directing people to check out your business social media pages.

Know your business

You need to be credible and to be positive in what you’re offering. Have a complete understanding of your core values and your USP (unique selling proposition). If you have this clear in your mind, you’ll be more confident when talking to people and sharing what you offer without waffling or stumbling.

If you’ve already started working with clients, ask them to write a short testimonial for you so you can use these as proof of what you offer. Add these to your website and direct people to them to confirm that you are credible. You can use snippets of these in social media posts and share your business posts through your personal profile to achieve a wider reach of audience. The more people who see what you’re offering, the higher chance of attracting new customers.

Find new clients using social media - and grow your business

LinkedIn is a goldmine

Using LinkedIn to connect with like-minded individuals and business connections to build a network around your business is a great way to become known and established. Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date with all your business information on there, if you have set up a business LinkedIn page, make sure it’s referenced in your personal profile. Then network. Join network groups and local groups and start to engage and interact with other individuals that you would like to work with or who could help your business grow. Contribute to discussions and show off your expertise or knowledge by offering solutions to problems or guiding people in the right direction. The more you engage, the more people will connect with you. Once you have a good network of connections, and build up trust among them, you can message them and let them know what you do and offer your services, where appropriate.

Understand your ideal customer

If you want to grow your business, you need to understand what it is they are seeking. By delving deeper into social platforms, you can discover what people are really looking for and asking questions about. By answering their questions and providing solutions to their needs, you are showing authority and building a level of trust.

You can use the search function on each of the social platforms to establish whether your customers are using those platforms and whether it’s worth your time marketing on them. Search for keywords related to your niche, similar brands, industry leaders and any competitors you have that people may be following. This will give you insight into what your customers and competitors are doing and how you can steer your marketing strategy to be in line with what your customers are seeking.

Twitter’s Advanced Search is a great way to get down to specific customers. You can search within a geographic area, using phrases or hashtags, as well as looking at other accounts and in a date range. Find and discover your ideal customers and connect with them. Introduce yourself and what you have to offer and keep on top of industry changes and how you can be an effective leader in your niche.

Make it easy

People give up easily. If they can’t find what they’re looking for, they will move on to the next business, and it’s a simple click to do so. And this is applicable on your social media platforms too. If you offer a product that people can buy online, make it easy to buy direct from your social channel.

People are using social media to be social – you may be using it for business, but others will be on there to connect with friends and family. Therefore, you need to catch their attention in a split second and make it easy for them to click and be directed exactly where you intend them to land. If people aren’t specifically looking for your product, they may like the look of what they see if an advert pops up but not necessarily want to go to your website.

How can you make it easy for user?

Facebook – add a shop tab to your page.

Instagram – Use the Shop now button function (you’ll need a Facebook shop to action this)

Pinterest – with Buyable Pins, a user can purchase directly without leaving Pinterest

Twitter – although there isn’t a ‘button’ you can use, utilise links to your products or storefront to make it a simple click step.

There are a number of ways you can entice and grow your customer base but it’s about being seen, known and getting in front of your target audience in a confident and professional manner. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about telling people what you do. At the end of the day, it’s your business and you should be passionate about it – wanting to shout about it from the roof tops!

Use your social media channels to let that passion be seen and engage with those that do show interest. Provide great customer service and each new customer will have all but praise for your business.

If you’d like advice or help in getting your social media marketing strategy started or moving in a new direction, we’d love to help. Feel free to get in touch for an initial consultation and let’s see how we can make your business grow.


Top Tips: How To Use Instagram For Business Growth

Top Tips: How To Use Instagram For Business Growth

Are you using Instagram for your business marketing? With over 1 million active users on the social platform, that alone is a reason to start engaging with an audience that is hungry to hear from you!

Facebook is the largest of all the social networks, showing a monthly growth of users at around 3.14%. On the other hand, Instagram is growing at about 5% quarter to quarter – Instagram is the fast-growing network at the moment!

It’s important as with anything that you ensure your brand runs throughout everything you do, and that includes your Instagram images. If you take a look at an Instagram feed that is branded well, you’ll notice consistency and transparency throughout the posts.

So how can you use Instagram to grow your business? Take a look at our top 7 top tips (not in any particular order!):

Be creative

Instagram is all about the imagery – so instead of focusing on the products that you sell, which can be represented on other social platforms, focus on how you sell them or the solution that you provide.

It’s essential that you you grab the attention of a user on Instagram by being creative and inspiring. Get creative in how you present – if you’re a business that is out and about – showcase where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing.

Give your business a face for people to relate to.

Introduce the team or behind scenes in snaps of how the business is running.

Make it interesting and fun while portraying who you are and what your business represents.

Use your brand identity to show colour and life to your images. You can add text and quotes to your posts to make them more interesting – make them inspiring and attractive.

Add value

This is important across all your marketing efforts, you must add value in everything you do. Just because you’re dealing with pictures, doesn’t mean you have to lose the value aspect!

Your images can add value to your customers and look pretty at the same time. What your customers see has an impact on how your brand is represented and remembered. Show off your business culture and values, share how-to’s and your mission behind your business. Visuals are a valuable and excitable way to speak to your audience.

Plus your visuals need to speak to people’s emotions. They need to grab their attention and get to the heart of what they are searching for. By adding value in every post, you can assure your audience that you care and have something to give that is beneficial and worthwhile.

Create a great bio

Try not to focus on the number of characters available in your Instagram bio – focus on embedding your USP (unique selling point / unique selling proposition). This is what differentiates you from your competition and makes you stand out from the crowd, along with highlighting what you have to offer. 

Grow your business with Instagram. Check out our 7 top tips to build business on Instagram


Engagement is key in any social platform and presenting ways for users to do that will encourage more people to engage with your brand. Always be courteous and reply to comments on posts, reply back to shares from your posts and thank people for kind words. Customer service goes a long way in attracting and retaining clients.

Create posts that encourage engagement – that means speaking directly to your audience and aligning what you’re delivering to what they’re wanting to see and hear. Make your posts memorable and shareable, and always keep the interaction going when it starts.

Even if you get some negative comments (of course we hope that you don’t) but even if you do, let the conversations roll as this will show the algorithm that it’s an engaging post – worthy of being seen.

Use your analytics

First of all, ensure that your page is set up as a business account which will enable you to use the insights function. If you’re not sure how to set up a business page, just give us a shout and we can run through that with you. But once you’re ready to go, you are able to keep an eye on the posts that are working – and the ones that are not so much. From here you can establish a pattern of posts that your audience likes to see and engage with – these are the types of posts that you want to create more of.

You can then also dig deeper into the insights of your posts and the interaction they are getting. Find out which day of the week or what time of day people are engaging most, their gender and where they are located. Tailoring your content to your insight results will give help encourage further engagement.


Working with influencers on Instagram will give your posts better chance of being noticed and will boost your brand awareness. Search for the top hashtags that relate to your business and find micro-influencers using those hashtags who have a large following. Once you’ve established a list of influencers, contact them and ask if they’d be interested in promoting your product on their feed. You can either offer a monetary reward or exchange their time for something you could do for them. The influencers already have a large following of their own which means that if your product is being shown to their audience, with their backing and enthusiasm, you’re more likely to grow your audience when people start to notice your products.

Big brands use influencers all the time by using celebrities to endorse their product – the same idea can be used on Instagram on a much smaller scale for your business. There is no harm in approaching people and asking, the more people you ask, the better chance of finding someone that will work with you.

Use Instagram stories

Everyday over 300 million people are creating Instagram stories – that’s a lot of stories! These are snaps or video sequences that disappear 24 hours after being posted. On average 1 in 5 businesses receive a direct message from their Instagram Stories. And those direct messages are leads.

There are different things you can do with stories, like go behind the scenes, share Q&A sessions, create tutorials. All of these will disappear after 24 hours but can be kept as highlights after that time to sit directly under your bio as the first thing a customer will see when they click through to your profile page.

Instagram stories give way to creativity and allow a business to showcase their attributes in a more dynamic way.

It’s always great to plan ahead and with the video function for stories, this is possible by utilising videos that you have created within the last 24 hours. Therefore, create your videos in advance and post them strategically when you know your audience will be watching.

Don’t forget to add a ‘call to action’ to your Story as this tells people where to go next. You don’t want to lose your potential lead by allowing them to go onto the next business / next Story, direct them to where you’d like them to go by swiping the page.

Instagram is fun, it’s enjoyable and best of all it’s where people are at-  so that’s where your business needs to be.

Create authentic good quality images that tell your story, show your value and provide solutions and you’ll grow your Instagram with ease.

If you’d like any further tips on getting started with Instagram or how to incorporate it into your online marketing plan, get in touch, we’d love to help.


Why Hire A Social Media Manager For Your Business?

Why Hire A Social Media Manager For Your Business?

Whatever type of industry you are in, a large majority of your customers are going to be on social media – so that’s where you need to be too if you are wanting to grow your business.

Many businesses set up Facebook pages or open a Twitter account but are then not sure of how to move forward in using these effectively for their business. This is where the help of a social media manager or agency comes in.

As with any part of your business, for it to be successful, it needs to be done correctly. Skipping parts of a project to make it easier often comes with a price. This is just the same for your marketing budget and strategy and online marketing is an important part of this.

How can social media benefit your business?

A huge amount of people use one or more social media networks.

  • Facebook: 2.07 billion users
  • Twitter: 330 million users
  • Instagram: 100 million users
  • LinkedIn: 500 million users

These figures speak for themselves and can’t be ignored when it comes to your marketing strategy! Social media has so many benefits when reaching out to potential clients and creating solutions for the problems they are trying to solve, for reaching out to people who are looking for YOUR product, for reaching out to people who want YOUR services. Your business needs to be put in the forefront of people’s minds and with the fast-paced environment that we live in, being online is the best way to achieve that.

Which social media platforms should you be using for your business?

Each social media platform has its benefits and are effective in different ways. We believe that being competent in one or two platforms is much more effective than spreading yourself thin and trying to manage too may all in one go. If you’re not sure on what you’re doing you may well end up giving a bad impression of your business rather than the positive vibe that you intended to, meaning that your efforts have a negative effect on your business growth.

hire a social media manager


Facebook is a great way to be able to offer excellent customer service along with personalised 1-2-1 interaction with your customers or potential clients in a professional manner. You’re able to show the human behind the online screen where engagement can take place and people can ask questions or know that you are interested in what they are looking for.

With Facebook being the biggest social media network, with over 2 billion users worldwide,  it certainly is not a platform that you want to miss! People are searching and researching their chosen products all day long and often they will seek out a Facebook page to see what kind of service you are offering and if it is engaging for them.

There are over 50 million businesses who have a Facebook business page and nearly one third of Facebook users engage with brands regularly. That’s a large number of people that could be engaging with your business if you gave it the proper chances!


Twitter is used more for informational purposes and to give opinions and share views. It moves very quickly and to be effective on Twitter you must keep up with the pace. You could place the same 5 posts throughout a day and reach a different audience each time. People want ‘now’ when it comes to Twitter and like to jump on top of trends and find the latest news or happenings.

Businesses use Twitter to inform people about their services which then links the reader to their website or product. The business needs to capture a reader with only a few characters and therefore copy writing needs to be a skill to make it engaging.

With visuals being a big part of social media – the more visuals you use, the better.  GIFs and short videos are becoming even more popular and this is definitely something that you should consider if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd.


Businesses are presented with a real opportunity when it comes to Instagram to be able to market their product to a more targeted and unique audience. Instagram is a way to get creative. Focus on what your branding is about rather than your actual products. You are able to create an image that highlights your business in a different light and use hashtags and keywords to attract the exact audience you want to engage with.

Choose hashtags that relate to your niche and your location. You don’t want to go mad with hashtags but you want your images to be noticed. Choose one that is unique to your business which people can use when they mention your product or company. If you’re running a campaign, create a hashtag that you can use throughout this time and will get noticed across the board.

Use the Instagram Stories function to be able to show a human side of the business. These stories will be visible for 24 hours and then disappear! (although you can save them so you can use them again at a later date). These stores can capture behind-the-scenes content. You can use these to experiment and try out new ideas – knowing they can be deleted or that they will disappear anyway.

Tag in other accounts for people to notice you, i.e. if you’re looking to work with influencer marketing. Not everyone monitors the hashtags on social media so tagging a collaborator is a good way to get noticed.


Whichever platform you decide to work with, ensure that they are presented well and are appealing for the audience you are targeting. Another tip is to ensure that all your company information and bios are up to date and are clearly branded to show continuity from your website through to your social media networks.

KJP Creative is here to help at the click of a button for anyone wanting any further advice or would like to move forward in working with a social media manager. Knowing that your social media is in good hands is one weight taken away from you. If you want to grow your business, focus on the parts of your business that you enjoy doing – and leave the rest to the experts!

Get in touch today for your FREE consultation.


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