KJP Creative Launches Their New Website!

KJP Creative Launches Their New Website!

At the start of 2019 we are extremely excited to launch our brand new website, ready and enthusiastic in all that is to come over the coming year and beyond. The launch comes with new direction, high expectations and clear focus for KJP Creative as we venture into a new season.

With months in the planning and strategy behind the website and what’s on offer, KJP Creative brings to you an agency that offers expertise, passion and energy in all things social.

Social media marketing is at the heart of what KJP Creative is about – with a mission to see businesses of all sizes grow and flourish with the help of online marketing, specifically social media and content marketing. From start-ups to small or medium sized business, we will create bespoke marketing plans according to your specific business goals and needs, working with you or your marketing department to put together a marketing strategy that gives clear direction and targets to enhance brand awareness and to increase sales and see business growth.

KJP Creative launches their new website - offering expertise, passion and energy in all things social. Get in touch to find out more!With expert knowledge and experience, KJP Creative can get creative with any type of business, no matter what industry you are in. It’s in our nature to be creative (hence the name!) and that’s what we love to do! We are positive that we can create great results for your business, having received nothing less than 100% positive feedback from all our clients so far, we’re not ready for that to dip anytime soon. Get to know us, let us get to know your business and allow us to become your voice within your online channels.

The KJP Creative new website launch also means that we’re stepping out and supporting a few charities that are close to our hearts. Take a look at our ‘Helping Others’ page and find out what’s important to us and if you’d like to get involved. We’re hoping that during the year, we’ll be able to take on sponsored charity events to add even more value – watch this space and get in touch if you’d like to get involved.

“2019 is our year to get serious about helping others. We’ve always been serious, but this year we’re digging deeper into how we can add value to every business or individual that we come into contact with. If we can help, we will. That could mean setting you up with social channels, providing training sessions for you to manage on your own social, or managing your social media marketing for you. We also love to write… and have some buzzing ideas ready to bring to the table. We want to work with local businesses and those from afar, we want to make an impact on all who we meet and get them serious about social too.”  – Karen Petrauskas

We’d love for you take a look around our new site, get familiar with what we have to offer and invite you to get in touch if we can help in any way. If you want to grow your business during 2019, you need to be using social media – and using it effectively! Make it fun, start engaging and be creative with all that you do.

DOWNLOAD our FREE social media planner – get organised in 2019 and be prepared for what is to come!

10 Motivational Quotes To Inspire

10 Motivational Quotes To Inspire

There are certain times throughout the year when we are looking for a little motivation or inspiration to get our acts together and be able to move forward. Whether that be with our business or personal life – a little nudge can be a great encouragement.

So why are inspirational or motivational quotes so important? They lift your spirit, they give you food for thought and they encourage you to keep going, keep trying and to help you push forward towards your goals.

Everyone needs them at some point and often we don’t even realise! So with that in mind, we thought we’d put together some motivational quotes to help you if you’re going through one of those moments at present.


motivation quote 1

“Think about how you want other people to perceive you before you move forward in action” – Karen Petrauskas


Motivation Quotes2

“Start the week with a positive attitude and let the rest of the week  flow with positivity” – Karen Petrauskas


Motivation Quote 3

“Often your first thoughts are the right ones – believe in yourself” – Karen Petrauskas


Motivation Quote 4

“Dream big and set your goals high – if you want it bad enough, you have it in you to succeed” – Karen Petrauskas


Motivation Quote 5

“You are who you are – you were fearfully and wonderfully made. So let your creativity flow” – Karen Petrauskas


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Motivation Quote 6

“Be true to what you believe and don’t change your views to fit in with others – stand out from the crowd and be YOU” – Karen Petrauskas


Motivation Quote 7

“Do what comes naturally and follow the inner voice. First thoughts are often the best” – Karen Petrauskas


Motivation Quote 8

“Delegate the things you’re not best at and push forward in the things you love to do. Good business sense” – Karen Petrauskas


Motivation Quote 9

“Learn the art of delegation – so that you can experience more of life and thrive on what you enjoy to do” – Karen Petrauskas


Motivation Quote 10

“Stop and take time to notice the world around you. Learn to love life and appreciate all it has to offer” – Karen Petrauskas


We hope these will inspire you for the year ahead. If you’re looking for a helping hand in moving your business forward with online marketing this year – get in touch, we’d love to help!

Why not plan out your social media motivation quotes throughout the year with our FREE to download social media planner. Here you’ll find lots of awareness days and monthly hashtags to keep you inspired from January to December!


Download your own social media marketing calendar for 2019. Get organised!

If you’re anything like us here at KJP Creative, you’ll love Pinterest and Instagram – and now it’s simple and easy to schedule all your favourite inspirational quotes into your social accounts with no fuss at all! You can start for FREE as well – Join Tailwind and start pinning TODAY 🙂


How To Boost Your Social Media Performance

How To Boost Your Social Media Performance

Everyone is trying to get a piece of the action and when it comes to social media marketing, you need to get yourself heard.

For us here at KJP Creative, we believe that one way to ensure that will happen is to hire someone that knows the industry and can get your business where it should be – but – if you’ve not got the budget or would rather have a go yourself, here’s a few tips to help boost your social media performance.

Firstly, social media is all about building relationships and creating engagement. Creating engagement means that people are interested in your services and product and they have started their customer experience with your brand. Maintaining that trust and building up to be somewhere that a customer actually wants to buy from is your goal whilst being a place of information and advice for that customer also.

Most people will research a product or service prior to buying, therefore, it is vital that you provide an excellent customer experience right from the beginning to enable that customer to come back for more.

Provide value

Always focus on providing value. If someone is doing their research properly, anyone will see through a business that doesn’t really know what they are talking about. A few good quotes here and there may seem pleasant but is there really knowledge and understanding of what the customer really wants beneath it all?

Ensure that your social streams are backed with plenty of industry related content and posts that you personally relate to as well. People don’t want to be inundated with irrelevant news – they will follow and engage with you if you provide value for what they need.

Using a content curation programme can make life easier when you’re searching for content. A person can spend hours (we’ve all been there and done that!) looking for posts that relate to your industry. Using a content curation feed will make finding relevant articles so much easier and will be much more time efficient.

Here’s a few for you to take a look at to get started:

Create a posting strategy

It’s all well and good posting every now and again when you’ve got time to sit down and find content but how much more effective would your social media platforms be if they were planned out and there was content being added daily? More people would see your presence, you’ll have more of an impact and you’re more likely to be seen by a wider audience which in turn will mean that your engagement will increase. The more you post, the more likely you’re going to get in front of your ideal clients.

Think about the type of content you want to use. Think about the different sources you might have and work out a strategy that can incorporate these. For example, if you have your own blog feed, schedule one of these posts once a day. If you want to use quotes, add one quote a day to the mix. The using your curated content, add one post a day… or however often you think appropriate to post, schedule content to these timeframes.

Work out what times of day are best for your ideal audience. Are they are work during the day, perhaps an evening might be better? Are you aiming at businesses – then first thing in the morning might be better? Test different times of day to find which times are good to gain the most engagement.

Use a social media management programme

You’ve now got your content organised and you know where you are pulling your content from, so now is the time to find a social media management programme that will allow you to schedule these posts in advance. No one has time to jump on to their social media platforms 5 times a day to post!

Again, this will make your life so much easier and will allow you to rest assured that your content is being shared on your social media channels and you can get on with other parts of your business.

Here are a few social media management platforms that we can recommend:

Make Your Content Visual

Visuals gain more engagement over text posts (that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use text). But looking through a social media feed and seeing visuals will strike more appealing for the majority of your audience. Therefore, you need to get creative!

There are 3 main types of visuals:

  • Static image
  • Video
  • GIF

Using any three of these will boost your social media performance and will encourage people to share and engage with your content.

If you’ve got products to show, use an image rather than just talking about it. If you’re promoting an event, create a image to advertise the event. Even if you want to share a quote – add it to a nice background and make it look attractive. More people will share your content if it looks good enough to share!

Creating images are one thing and you may be thinking that videos are too tricky for you to tackle. They don’t have to be. Why not try a live Facebook video introducing your staff or showing off your products? Or perhaps you’ve got story to tell, add a quick snippet to your Instagram feed. People love to watch videos – you’ll be surprised at the engagement they have when you put them in your social media feeds.

And GIFs? This may be something that you haven’t even touched upon yet. Don’t be scared of them, they are extremely popular at the moment and are overtaking static images. GIFs can be created in a number of ways but first off if you’re not that tech savvy, you can head over to somewhere like Gify.com and get started there. If you have a number of static images, you can make them into a rotating slideshow. If you’ve got some drawings you’ve put together, you can make them move! If you’ve got a video that you’ve made but only want to show a few seconds of it, you can upload it and snip it down. They are very simple to create and will be very effective in your marketing. If you’re not comfortable in creating your own GIF, then there are an array of ones to choose from depending on what subject you are looking for.

If you’ve not yet tried them – have a go!

how to boost your social media performance

The above are just a few ways to boost your social media performance but remember that the more you engage with your customers, the more they will engage with you. The more opportunity you give your customers to see and hear your branded voice, the more opportunity you have at reaching them.

Social media is about being ‘social’ so get stuck in and promote your business in the best way you can.
If you’re just starting out in business, or you’re a small business owner with not enough time in the day to do social media effectively, then get in touch. We have standard, affordable packages available to get you started or more bespoke packages if you’re looking for something a little different.
We’d love help so contact us today!

Personal and Professional Branding For Your Business

Personal and Professional Branding For Your Business

Whether you are a sole trader, freelancer, entrepreneur or small business, branding is the key to building your business and creating an awareness of your product and services. Without branding your business properly, you are limiting your career opportunities and business growth.

Branding is about building a reputation that goes above and beyond, allowing you to market your business as a trustworthy, reputable, growing organisation.

Your brand is your promise to your customers, it stands you apart from your competition and allows to create your own image to show what you have to offer.

Simply ‘existing’ is not going to grow your business, you need to step out of the boat and promote your services – using your brand identity.

Here are a few tips to create your brand identity for you and your business…

Become an expert in your industry

Learn, learn, learn. Be knowledgeable about your industry and be aware of everything that is going on in your niche. This doesn’t have to be hard work; using Google alerts or using a platform like Feedly can keep fresh information coming in daily, giving you resources to be able to stay up to date. Education is key to show people that you mean business and you do know and understand your market.

Start networking – brand awareness

This doesn’t have to be completely online. Remember those business cards you’ve got stuffed away in a drawer? Keep them in your wallet and when you meet someone and get chatting about what you do, you’ll have a business card handy to be able to share your services.

Find a networking group, whether that be a physical group that you attend or an online Facebook group – start to build contacts around you where you can share your knowledge and talk about your business. People can learn from what you have to offer and if your industry knowledge is good – you’ll portray a good business image for those you come in contact with.

Build an online presence

It goes without saying that a modern business needs to be online, everyone who looks for a service or product more than likely will do a Google search for what they are looking for. Therefore, you need to be online.

Social media. Ensure that all your social media accounts show a professional, trustworthy image of your what you and your business are about. You may choose to separate your business and your personal profiles but be sure to keep your personal accounts professional too. If people know and search for your name rather than your business, you need to look like you can offer the service or product that you have promised. Remember that once on the internet, always on the internet! If you are serious about building a business and want to be seen as professional, your personal profiles need to show this image too.

Start blogging

Blogging is a great way to express yourself but it’s also a great way to get your voice heard. Blogging for your business is great for SEO and a way for your brand to seen. Incorporate your blog into your business branding and write as you want your business to be portrayed. Even blogging for personal enjoyment is great, just link back to your company to ensure that it gets seen by the right people.

If you want to blog outside of your business, use LinkedIn to create articles and get exposure to industry linked people. You can mention your business within your article or simply allow people to see your company through your profile. Either way, you are the voice of your business – make it be heard!

Don’t forget that branding is one of the most important aspects to any business, whether that be a big or small business.

On top of all the important points listed above, your brand is recognised by your logo. Your colour scheme, fonts, packaging and promotional material should all be recognised by your logo. Ensure that your business branding is professional and in line with your values and how you want your business to be seen. Then use your branding in everything you do.

People will soon notice you, your business will be recognised and the more you step out and push forward with growing your business, the more powerful your brand will become.

Be true to your branding, be true to what you believe and the rest will follow.

If you’d like advice on branding or would like to look at a strategy for your business, feel free to get in touch!


Why Hire A Social Media Manager For Your Business?

Why Hire A Social Media Manager For Your Business?

Whatever type of industry you are in, a large majority of your customers are going to be on social media – so that’s where you need to be too if you are wanting to grow your business.

Many businesses set up Facebook pages or open a Twitter account but are then not sure of how to move forward in using these effectively for their business. This is where the help of a social media manager or agency comes in.

As with any part of your business, for it to be successful, it needs to be done correctly. Skipping parts of a project to make it easier often comes with a price. This is just the same for your marketing budget and strategy and online marketing is an important part of this.

How can social media benefit your business?

A huge amount of people use one or more social media networks.

  • Facebook: 2.07 billion users
  • Twitter: 330 million users
  • Instagram: 100 million users
  • LinkedIn: 500 million users

These figures speak for themselves and can’t be ignored when it comes to your marketing strategy! Social media has so many benefits when reaching out to potential clients and creating solutions for the problems they are trying to solve, for reaching out to people who are looking for YOUR product, for reaching out to people who want YOUR services. Your business needs to be put in the forefront of people’s minds and with the fast-paced environment that we live in, being online is the best way to achieve that.

Which social media platforms should you be using for your business?

Each social media platform has its benefits and are effective in different ways. We believe that being competent in one or two platforms is much more effective than spreading yourself thin and trying to manage too may all in one go. If you’re not sure on what you’re doing you may well end up giving a bad impression of your business rather than the positive vibe that you intended to, meaning that your efforts have a negative effect on your business growth.

hire a social media manager


Facebook is a great way to be able to offer excellent customer service along with personalised 1-2-1 interaction with your customers or potential clients in a professional manner. You’re able to show the human behind the online screen where engagement can take place and people can ask questions or know that you are interested in what they are looking for.

With Facebook being the biggest social media network, with over 2 billion users worldwide,  it certainly is not a platform that you want to miss! People are searching and researching their chosen products all day long and often they will seek out a Facebook page to see what kind of service you are offering and if it is engaging for them.

There are over 50 million businesses who have a Facebook business page and nearly one third of Facebook users engage with brands regularly. That’s a large number of people that could be engaging with your business if you gave it the proper chances!


Twitter is used more for informational purposes and to give opinions and share views. It moves very quickly and to be effective on Twitter you must keep up with the pace. You could place the same 5 posts throughout a day and reach a different audience each time. People want ‘now’ when it comes to Twitter and like to jump on top of trends and find the latest news or happenings.

Businesses use Twitter to inform people about their services which then links the reader to their website or product. The business needs to capture a reader with only a few characters and therefore copy writing needs to be a skill to make it engaging.

With visuals being a big part of social media – the more visuals you use, the better.  GIFs and short videos are becoming even more popular and this is definitely something that you should consider if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd.


Businesses are presented with a real opportunity when it comes to Instagram to be able to market their product to a more targeted and unique audience. Instagram is a way to get creative. Focus on what your branding is about rather than your actual products. You are able to create an image that highlights your business in a different light and use hashtags and keywords to attract the exact audience you want to engage with.

Choose hashtags that relate to your niche and your location. You don’t want to go mad with hashtags but you want your images to be noticed. Choose one that is unique to your business which people can use when they mention your product or company. If you’re running a campaign, create a hashtag that you can use throughout this time and will get noticed across the board.

Use the Instagram Stories function to be able to show a human side of the business. These stories will be visible for 24 hours and then disappear! (although you can save them so you can use them again at a later date). These stores can capture behind-the-scenes content. You can use these to experiment and try out new ideas – knowing they can be deleted or that they will disappear anyway.

Tag in other accounts for people to notice you, i.e. if you’re looking to work with influencer marketing. Not everyone monitors the hashtags on social media so tagging a collaborator is a good way to get noticed.


Whichever platform you decide to work with, ensure that they are presented well and are appealing for the audience you are targeting. Another tip is to ensure that all your company information and bios are up to date and are clearly branded to show continuity from your website through to your social media networks.

KJP Creative is here to help at the click of a button for anyone wanting any further advice or would like to move forward in working with a social media manager. Knowing that your social media is in good hands is one weight taken away from you. If you want to grow your business, focus on the parts of your business that you enjoy doing – and leave the rest to the experts!

Get in touch today for your FREE consultation.


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