What Is Your Why?

What Is Your Why?

Everything is done for a reason. We go to the shops because we need supplies. We call friends because we need to talk. We spend time with family because they are important to us. And we market our business because we want to tell others about what we do and how we can solve their problems. But what is your WHY when it comes to your business and how can you incorporate that into your marketing strategy?

We go to a networking meeting or jump on an online webinar or group chat. When we introduce ourselves, often the first thing we say is what we do, followed by how we do it. And there is nothing wrong with this approach but how better can your message come across if we start with why we do something and what we hope you achieve by doing it?

These may sound like slight differences but your why can make all the difference when it comes to marketing your business. And the way that people perceive or get to know you will be driven by these introductions and what you are known for.


Why did you start your business?

This is the first question you should ask yourself and really dig deep into the reason that you’ve done what you’ve done and sacrificed what you have to get to where you are today. Were you driven by money or wanting to copy the latest trend or industry fad, or did you see and recognise a need and sought to create a solution to help certain people?

Our passion and drive creates our own unique path of marketing. We have something to say, we have a reason why we want to say it and we have people that we want to hear it. When you launched your business there must have been something inside of you that got you excited and made you see it as more than a just thought but something you could do that had purpose and meaning.


What's your why - and how can you use that in your business marketing?

Bring your why into your brand mission

Creating a brand goes way beyond choosing a logo, colour theme and hoping that people will notice you. Your brand forms an energy, an alliance with people who believe in what you’re doing, in the product that you have or the things that you achieve. A brand is bigger than just the name, it creates community and unity.

Your passion and your why should be incorporated into your branding message that feeds through everything you do, everything you say and all material that is produced. Marketing with your mission in mind gives it wings to be able to accomplish so much more, as the more you believe in what you’re doing, the more passion you put into what people can see.


Your why in Social media marketing

Social media is your channel of reaching people online and the face of your business to those you come into contact with. Is it clear what your mission is, what your business is about and why you’re doing what you do? Do you spend too much time showcasing your products, telling people what you do, copying others who are more successful than yourself? Or do you get down to meeting your audience where they are and proving that there’s something deeper and true and real in your business? Do you open up to why you love working with certain people, why you enjoy your business, how you can relate to them and why that’s important?

Your social media and any form of marketing, be that on or offline, is a chance for you shout about the good that you have to offer, the value that you can provide and the reason why you think people should listen. Solve a problem. Find answers. Learn from how people react. Give reason to engage with customers. Interact and be sociable… that’s what social media means! Creating relationships, being a support, offering a alternative and being their ‘sigh of relief’ in their research.

If you’re a business owner, we’d like to think that you enjoy working in and on your business. We’d like to think that in starting a company, you had reason for doing so and you’ve still got that desire to want to see it succeed. Discovering your why an make a whole difference in your mindset and the way that you talk and communicate with people. Spend some time writing down your why values… what can you come up with and makes your why different from the next business that comes along? You need to stand out and be difference, be unique in your approach and have your own why, not someone else’s!

And when you’ve got why’s in place, think about how you can put those into your marketing strategy. What goals do you want to reach in 90 days, 180 day, a year? Ensure that you create marketing targets that will help you achieve your business goals. Speak to the audience that are most likely going to want to hear your message and speak directly into their situations.

Directions are instructions given to explain how. Direction is a vision offered to explain why. Simon Sinek

Everyone has a story to tell, it can just sometimes be hard to know how to tell that story. That’s where we can help.

Here at KJP Creative, we want to help you tell your story and showcase your brand through online marketing. We’re here to relieve the pressure of managing too much, or not having the time to do everything that comes with running a business. As social media specialists we want to help you go above and beyond your marketing goals and to know that your marketing is in good hands. If you’d like to find out more about our online marketing packages, get in touch today and let’s talk.

Download your FREE social media checklist to help you get started with the basics. And if you’d like a copy of our printed 2020 Social Media Planner and Business Goal Setter to help plan your marketing effectively, click here.

Why Should Your Business Be On Social Media?

Why Should Your Business Be On Social Media?

“Should you be building a social media audience at this time?” This is the question that many businesses, both large and small are asking at the moment, through the global pandemic and crisis that we are experiencing -is now a good time to be doing online marketing? Our answer to these questions is a most definite ‘yes’!


The people and businesses that show up online, are visible through this crisis, will be the ones who will have a business to hold on to at the end of it all. The businesses that are visible and showing up online are the ones who will be remembered, and will be the ones in the forefront of people’s mind as business and day to day life starts to go back to normal – in whatever form that may be in.

So how should you ensure that you’re doing the right thing when it comes to your online marketing plan? What steps can you take to know that your strategy is pointing in the right direction?

Here’s our six top tips:


Show up and be visible

Don’t go hiding away and making excuses not to be online. NOW is the time to be visible and to produce even more content if possible to let the world know that you still mean business. Keep doing what you’re good at, help your audience to know that you’re still available and let your followers know that you are still there in whatever capacity they need you in. Just the fact that you’re showing up will give customers reason remember you, even if business can’t be as normal, be honest and open with everything that is going on.



As with any social media strategy, the key to successful results is engagement. Talk to your audience, communicate with them at every opportunity, even if this means setting up new lines of communication – and keep going with it. You’ve probably got more time on your hands than normal, so use the time to engage with your followers. Jump on conversations, ask questions, create feedback, be in their circles. You can spend all the time in the world creating fantastic content but if you’re not being social and engaging your audience in conversations, it’s not going to produce the results you need.


6 top tips on how to use social media during the lockdown crisis | KJP Creative

Be supportive

At this time of lockdown and uncertainty, there are many people going through different emotions, hitting challenges and finding themselves in unknown territory. How can you help? Offer your support, be a listening and guiding ear, be the inspiration or motivation that they need to carry on. Show your support in any way that you can, through engaging and communicating with your audience.

Have you got experience that you can share with others?

Have you pain points that you’ve overcome which could help someone else?

Your support could be the bridge someone needs to discover your business and really get to know who you are.


Add value

At this time people don’t want to be bombarded with things that don’t matter. People are realising what’s important in life, what matters most and what things they need to get through in order to create a more fulfilling journey. How can you impact or play a part in that? How can you help or make a difference? It’s not always about giving things away for free or giving all of your time but it’s about creating a balance and line of communication that can open doors and provide value to those you’re trying to reach.


Get creative

As more and more people jump online and their feeds are filled an inundated with content, your business needs to stand out, so what better way than to get creative and showcase what your brand is really about, rather than ordinary content that will get missed and fall into the flow of unwanted traffic? How can you brighten, lighten, lift, portray your brand in a new and creative manner?

We totally recommend Canva for this task, and once you’ve discovered it, you’ll never look back! Hundreds of templates, colours, fonts, images for you to be creative with and to put your own stamp onto. If you’re not used to designing your own social media content, now’s the time to start! Go for eye-catching, positive, uplifting posts that will grab the attention of the reader. However remember to always stay on brand and to keep the true consistency of your values and business in all content that you create.


Be positive

There’s much to be said for a positive attitude and it’s contagious!

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” ~ Willie Nelson

Once you get into the positive mindset that you need in order to carry your business through in times like we’re in right now, you’ll discover the positive impact that your online marketing can have to those looking in. Be positive in all that you produce, all that you say, every conversation that you have – be the light, be the brand that encourages others to keep going and to provide a solution to the problem, whatever that may be.

As business owners there’s much we can be doing during the lockdown period, that can also be carried on until it’s all over and beyond. Your business deserves a marketing strategy that gets results, no matter what the current climate may be. Are you ready to make an impact? Are you ready to see successful results? Are you ready to be online, to stay online and to engage with your audience at every turn? Great! We’re with you on that one. And if you’re still not quite sure how to put a strategy together that will get you through these times, we’d love to chat – just get in touch and let’s talk.


In the meantime, if you’d like to know that you’re ticking off the basics when it comes to your social media marketing, why not download our FREE social media checklist – it’s our gift to you.


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The Importance Of Online Marketing

The Importance Of Online Marketing

There was a time when online marketing was seen as an extra and something to do if your business had the resource, however now, more than ever, your online presence is an important and essential part of your business strategy.

Even before the global lock down, businesses large and small were recognising the need for communicating online. The move between traditional and digital advertising is forever increasing and with the amount of people accessing the internet on a daily basis growing as well, it’s a sure sign that this is where your business should be showing up.

However what areas of digital and online marketing should you focus on in order to gain the best results and see the best possible outcomes of your efforts? You don’t need to be completely tech savvy but there are some things that will helps you along the way.


free Awareness Days Calendar / KJP Creative


First off, what is online marketing?

Online marketing is a subset of the bigger picture of digital marketing and refers to any type of marketing that takes place online. This could relate to social media, blogs, email newsletters, websites etc. It’s main purpose or focus is to attract customers and to help build an online presence.


Why use online marketing?

Your customers and prospects are looking for you online! The people you are trying to reach are spending much of their time online, they’re already searching for your services / products or what you have to offer – and here’s your chance to be there for them.


The benefits of marketing online?

As a small business or start up company, the main focus is going to be getting the first set of customers through the door. In the past, people would send leaflets through letterboxes or leave business cards in shop windows but now there is a much easier and more effective way to achieve results. The benefits of using online marketing include:

  • Being able to interact and engage with your audience in real-time, 24 hours a day, being there at their time of need and providing a flow of communication when they want to hear from you.
  • The ability to reach a wider audience, a global market-place, targeting specific groups or demographics where necessary.
  • The ability to get to know and understand your audience, understanding their pain points and what they are looking for the most and building a relationship and trust between you.
  • A cheaper and more cost-effective way of advertising.


Your competition is online

If your competition is online and you’re not, you’ll be missing out on opportunities that could have come your way. Learn from your competitors and see what they are doing – and what is working – and formulate your own version of this into your strategy. How are your competitors communicating with your audience, what platforms and content are they using?

Give your customers a choice on who they go to, if you’re not online, they don’t know you’re there!


what is the importance of online marketing?

Improve your credibility

We know that customers buy through someone they trust, and that bond and credibility is just as important when thinking about businesses online. So, using online marketing to build up that trust and to show your knowledge and expertise is the perfect place to get your message across. You can use network groups to provide indepth advise and expertise.

You can write articles and blogs to provide solutions to your audience which can be shared across your channels. You can begin to build an engaged audience through your email list and provide regular meaningful and insightful information.

The more visible you can make yourself and be available for people when they need you, the better.


Drive more traffic to your website or services

One of the main hurdles small businesses find is the ability to find quality leads and getting people to discover them in order to make sales. That’s the beauty of online marketing and using it correctly to drive traffic to your website, where people can find you and learn more about what you have to offer. Through the different types of content you produce, you have the ability to drive traffic to your site, whether that be through a Facebook post, an email newsletter or a guest blog post, when you write or create a piece of work, it’s the ideal chance to highlight your business .


Be inspirational

One point to remember is not to oversell your services as people will get bored or annoyed with being directed to the same point from every piece of content you produce. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t produce content – just mix up what you create and one of the best things you can do is provide inspirational content for your audience.


Measure analytics real-time

Another great reason to use online marketing is that you can measure and visit your analytics at any time, ready to be see what’s working and what not be. It is so much easier to be able to make adaptations and amendments at the click of a button in order to see better results. You don’t need to wait for results to roll in or for a third party to produce analytics for you – they are ready there for you. Make the use of every piece of information you can and analyse the data in order to build your business, engaging with every person that comes into contact with your business.


Marketing trends to implement

  • Influencer marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Email marketing

If you’d like to know more about any of these, we’re happy to talk through each option – just give us a bell and let’s talk.

In the meantime, why not download our FREE social media checklist – don’t forget the basics, it’s our gift to you.


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Has Your Marketing Message Gone Stale?

Has Your Marketing Message Gone Stale?

Where do you start when marketing your business online? Do you struggle with getting a relevant, interesting and authentic message across? Do you find it difficult to come up with content that doesn’t repeat everything else you say?

Sometimes when a marketing message goes stale, we need to take a step away to refresh, recharge and revisit our mission statement. What we think we are saying, what we really say and the way that message comes across can be completely different things. Do you find yourself in the trap of repetition and regurgitating the same content over and over again? It’s time to freshen up!


Go back to basics

Go back to the drawing board, it’s time to brainstorm.

Start at the very beginning of your mission statement and the values that you hold, the things that are most valuable to you and your business. What is it that drives you forward, that gives you the motivation to do what you do? These are the fundamental elements that glue your business together and make you want to succeed. And these are essential parts that your audience need to know about when getting to know who you are and what your brand about.

brainstorm your marketing ideas and stop your social media message from going stale

Start the storyboard

Moving from your mission and values, start to set the scene and tell the story of where you’ve come from to where you are now. Everyone loves a story and for you to be authentic and unique will set you apart from the competition. Get the story rolling by sharing the heart behind your mission, the thought process of why you do what you do, the emotional angle of what’s precious to you. And then you can move on to the services you offer, why you offer them, what products you have, what value you give, what people can get from you and everything that physically makes up your business. By now your brainstorm should have lots of parts to it, all different aspects relating to the make up of your business.

Now you can start to link them together and begin to pull a common thread through it all.  All these things together are what you’re going to share with your audience. You don’t just have one message to share but lots of multifaceted aspects that make up your brand.
Your message will not have a chance to go stale when you constantly go back to the basics, revisit the drawing board and brainstorm regularly to bring new ideas and visions to the table.


New content with new ideas

Once you have the ideas flowing and you’ve got everything that says what your business is about, you’ve got an opportunity to create some new content to go with it.

  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Ebooks/Books
  • Social media content
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Videos/vlogs

How can you put your message into the above types of content? It’s about getting creative and sharing your message in different ways. Jump behind the scenes and share a video about what’s happening/ what’s going on/ your team/ your network/ your office. Interview people or create a podcast, this could give an opportunity to work with industry professionals – it’s not necessarily you doing all the speaking but it’s giving value and a variety to your audience. How much more engaging can a video or podcast be rather than a simple blog post? Both varieties have their merit but by doing both blog and video you automatically have two types of content that you can use across your social media, which you can then re-purpose and use again and again.

has your social media marketing message gone stale? Here's our top tips on how to freshen up

Once you’ve written a blog post, how many images or types of posts (i.e. infographics / how tos etc) can you create that share a similar message which you can use across your channels? Re-posting the same blog image could get repetitive but 5 or 6 different images that relate to the same thing will give a variety to your readers and your audience.



It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of what’s always work should always work – but that’s simply not the case, especially in a fast paced online world where there is so much competition and fight for attention. There is no place for complacency. You may be comfortable, you may love what you do, but are you seeing measurable results from it? If the answer is no, you’re just wasting valuable time that could be better invested in your business. Try not to sit on the fence hoping that something will change ‘soon’, if it’s not working, something needs to give. Go back to the drawing board and figure out what your message is truly about and give your marketing some fresh substance for people to get a hold of.

At the end of the day, your message needs to be fresh, consistent, inline with your values and mission and giving value to your audience. If it doesn’t meet these needs, you’re going to struggle to make it work. Use this opportunity to get creative in your marketing, to relight the fire and passion about what your business is about and to think of new ways of getting the attention of your audience. What is it they want to see, what do they want to hear that will solve their pain points? Be there in the forefront of their minds, show up when no one else does and give purpose to your brand. If you love it and share that zeal, then other’s will catch on and be there with you.

If you’d like to chat over your marketing plans or strategy or simply know that it’s time to outsource your social media marketing to a team that want you get results – and know how to get them!, we’d love to talk. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

In the meantime if you’d like some inspiration on what to talk to your audience about, why not download our FREE 2020 Awareness Days Calendar – and start the conversations today!


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Why Is LinkedIn Important For Your Business?

Why Is LinkedIn Important For Your Business?

Many business owners use the common social media networks to raise brand awareness, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, but how many people forget about LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a fantastic place to raise your profile and is a powerful resource that you can tap into in order to grow your business and find new clients.

LinkedIn? Yes LinkedIn. People often think that LinkedIn is simply a place to add your CV online and that’s it. But that’s not the case, there is so much more to it than that. It’s a professional online community where you can connect with other business professionals, become known as a thought leader, show and share your expertise and get in front of people that are interested in you as well as your business – and it can be extremely powerful.

So, why LinkedIn for your business?

LinkedIn is a professional social channel where like-minded people can come together to network, gain advice, provide advice, or seek opportunities. The more you use the network, the more you will become known and the more opportunities will come your way, if you use it well.

Your profile is the core of everything and what information you put on there will influence the people that you connect with. You can use this for good or you can waste it but if you’re a business owner looking to grow your brand, using it wisely will be the better option!

you personal profile on linkedIn is the most important aspect to make sure is correct and completeYour profile

Think of your CV; career history, qualifications, skills, references, experience. Your LinkedIn profile is where all this can be put into one place online for others to see.

Many companies will search for clients (and it works both ways) on LinkedIn so this is the place where you can stand out from the crowd – if your profile is glowing with everything that person or business is looking for.

Get ahead

The secret to getting ahead with LinkedIn is to be visible and to ensure that your profile is complete. This may sound a simple thing to do, but it makes a difference. Many people fail to complete their profile, leaving gaps in their work history or forget to include skills that could be essential to a what a new client is looking for. Another simple step is that some people fail to make their profiles public which does not do well if you’re looking for clients!

In order to gain a 100% profile, complete these sections:

  • Current Position and title
  • At least two past positions
  • Education
  • Summary
  • Specialties
  • Profile Picture
  • At least three to four recommendations

You can use the summary and specialties sections to describe your industry expertise along with skills or relevant experience that you’ve gained to get to where you are now.

It’s important that when writing your descriptions and summaries to use keywords that people will be searching for when they’re looking for your specific specialty. Include things that you’re passionate about, focused on and that drives you. People will see and relate to your enthusiasm and know that you have a passion for those things.

Remember that your profile is the most important part to complete. It provides the most valuable information for potential clients, networks and businesses to learn more about you, your skills and what you have to offer. It also gives people a chance to get to know you further before approaching you for your services.

should you be using LinkedIn to grow a business?

Business Page

This is the place to promote your business, to tell a story and to showcase what your business offers. Set up a business page that reflects all that you do and the services or products that you provide. Ensure that all your vital information matches what is on your website, on other social media platforms and Google. This enables the search engines to recognise and authenticate that you’re real and align your business with other places on the internet.

Just like you did on your personal profile, ensure that all the information is complete and it includes contact details for when people want to get in touch.

Once you have a business page, you can use it together with your personal profile to build on brand awareness. It’s not easy to get people to notice your business straight from the word go, you won’t have any followers or post likes and it can be hard to get noticed unless you’ve got some great keyword copy. Therefore, to make it work better, once you have posted something on your business page, share it on your personal profile. More people are likely to see it and if they like what they see, they will visit your page (and hopefully follow!).

Also, your business has a personality and a face behind the brand, you. Let people know who you are and what your business does through your own profile. Share your business page in your own newsfeed and shout about your services! Connect the two on a regular basis so people start to relate you with the name of the business.

A business page doesn’t have to be updated too often, especially if you’re a small business  or just starting out. Once or twice a week will suffice if you are still engaging, posting and promoting on your own profile (ensure that your business page is a link on your profile). Your business page is simply a page of reference for those who want to find out more about your business. Don’t stress about not having enough time to post content all the time on there, your personal profile is more important.

People have the idea that LinkedIn is simply an online CV database or a place to look for jobs. But LinkedIn is so much more – it’s actually one of the biggest search engines online! It offers professionals a place to network and build relationships that they would not necessarily have done without the social platform. It a place to ask questions, gain expertise advice from leading experts and improve on knowledge and expertise yourself through learning and helping others.

network on LinkedIn

Networking and LinkedIn Groups

If you’re at a place where you want to take on more clients or build upon your business relationships, LinkedIn is the perfect place to network. And there are groups for everything and anything you could possibly think of! You can find relevant groups through the search function.

Joining groups can help establish yourself as an industry leader and is often how connections become clients because they can see the knowledge you have and the value you are providing. This can help with any B2B relationships you may be trying to grow.

Joining general discussions can also be done straight from your newsfeed too or you can search for topics that you know you’ll be able to give input to. Just answering people’s questions or providing solutions can lead to much more than you think. People like to recommend people they know, like and trust. When you start to build a reputation around the people you’re communicating with, you’re putting yourself out there for other people to recommend your professionalism and services.

And networking or groups doesn’t have to be all work related, you can utilise LinkedIn groups for personal hobbies or interests too! Many relationships are built from outside the office and people who have hobbies in common also build trust through their conversations which can often lead to business interests.

When you know that a contract is coming to an end, or you’re simply trying to build a business with new clients, LinkedIn is a perfect place to find new life. By engaging with potential clients and providing value in all that you post or write, you’re showcasing your business and allowing others to see what you have to offer.

Get your FREE copy of our social media awareness days for 2020 - download now!

Show your passion

The enthusiasm and passion that you put into your content, whether that be your own content and posts, articles or within comments and discussions, will make people aware of how much you care about your specialist subject. When you are able to provide passionate answers that clearly show your knowledge and background experience, you’re indicating that you know that you’re talking about! People want to know that you care. People want to know that you’re good at what you say you’re good at. People will buy from people who can prove their capabilities. LinkedIn can allow you to express all your professionalism, personality, cares and desires all in one place! It’s not a platform to share your family holiday photos (unless it tells a relevant story), it’s a place to shout out to the world what skills and talents you have and how you can use them to provide value to others.

We personally love LinkedIn and think it’s a great place to engage with your audience. What do you think? Are you utilising LinkedIn for your business?

If you know you need to be on LinkedIn but are not sure where to start, we’d love to guide you through and help you get started. Contact us and let’s talk.


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