What Are Your Priorities In Business And In Life?

What Are Your Priorities In Business And In Life?

It’s so easy when running a business to get carried away with the things that need to be done that you can forget about life happening around you.

How often do you put business or work ahead of other important aspects thinking that it doesn’t take up much time – but actually it can be detrimental to your personal life?

This leads us to think about whether we are truly happy in what we are doing – are we really getting the work-life balance that we set out for in the first place. And if the answer to that is no, then is it time to put priorities in place to be able to enjoy the important things that are happening around us?

Listening to a motivational speaker recently at a business conference, we were asked the question: “If you had to choose two things out of the following, what would they be?”


This is such a valuable question to ask ourselves and especially as small business owners or startup businesses, we can get caught up in the road of trying to be successful by earning every penny that we can. But this can be at the detriment of our health or personal lives. The love of money can get in the way of the small things in life. It can take over and it can become an obsession, if priorities are not put in place.

Health and happiness are vital – the wealth can be earned along the journey if you’re achieving your goals.

  • So are you happy in the direction your business is going?
  • Are there better ways of doing things to achieve a better work-life balance?
  • Could you improve on your priorities in order to make yourself happier and enjoy the things that are happening around you?

Take time to step back and work out what’s important. Yes, you have a business that you love and you have a passion for it to succeed. That passion can be the motivation to keep you going and to push you to new heights and to new targets and is great for any entrepreneur or business owner wanting to get ahead and see results. But you also have a passion to see your children growing up, not missing the important part of their lives because you’re too busy chasing your dream. You also have family and personal circumstances that need you, that rely on you and that value time spent with you.

Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years? Don’t be that person that looks back with regret. Don’t wish that you’d done things differently when you have a chance NOW to make those changes and to make priorities that will impact your whole future.

Take time right now to understand who you really are and to understand what you really want from your business and from life. What direction do you want your business to go in. Is there a better way of managing tasks and daily routine? Are you coping with the way things are running right now – at the precise moment? These are all questions that should be asked on a regular basis with ongoing responses and being adaptable and flexible to make life easier.

Happiness is so important in business. Being happy in what you do gives you passion. Passion gives you motivation and motivation pushes you to get results.


This sometimes is even a question that we cannot answer. It’s easy to say ‘I’m ok’ when really we’re not. We push through each week trying to accomplish everything that comes our way and sometimes all we need is a bit assertiveness to say no and that we need help.

So going back to the original question; what are you priorities? What can you do to turn your life / business around to make yourself happy and more motivated and to know that you’re loving EVERY part of your life?

Don’t miss out on precious time – the small things matter – take time to work out what’s best for your business and your life and the priorities that will make them all work together for good.

If you’re a business owner and have overcome these things, we would value your comments below in what has worked for you..

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