SEO Tips To Increase Website Traffic

SEO Tips To Increase Website Traffic

Are you struggling to get the attention that your website so deserves?  Do you find it hard to drive traffic to your website or to work out why your audience is not visiting your site?

Introducing SEO (search engine optimisation). SEO is an extremely powerful tool that can help boost your site immensely when done correctly.  As a small business owner, you may think that creating an SEO friendly website would cost a lot of money but actually there are tips you can do yourself if you’re not in a position to pay a professional that will enhance the productivity of your site, boost sales and of course, increase your brand awareness.

Check out our quick 5 SEO top tips to increase website traffic, ideal for small business owners …


Increase traffic on your website - SEO tips for small business owners

Keyword Research

Always start with the keyword research – there’s never any harm in doing it and you’re more likely to do good than harm by digging a little deeper.  Try not to assume what your customers want, guessing doesn’t get you anywhere!…you need to understand them and get into their way of thinking. Google Keyword Planner is a great little tool to help you get started.

When you get into the swing of keywords you’ll use them in titles, throughout your pages and throughout your blog content.


Understand Your Competition

By understanding the competition you know what what’s going on around you, and you can use the same tactics and tricks that other people use to attract customers. You can stay up to date with trends and industry news, which you can then use on your own website, meaning that when people are searching the net for specific info or trends, your site will be ready and waiting.

See what is working for other brands and create relative content that reflects what people are buying into. If it ‘s working for someone else, there’s nothing stopping it working for you if you put in the effort too.

Optimise Your Website

Everyone nowadays is on a mobile device and your website should be accommodating this at all times.  Did you know that Google can penalise you for not having a mobile-friendly site? That’s right, in order to rank well with Google it measures organic content, mobile experience and page speed.  Therefore it’s worth doing a regular run through of your site to ensure that it’s completely mobile friendly and it doesn’t have any glitches or broken pages.  Google Analytics is pretty good at picking up specifics that need fixing so if you’re able to get started with analytics, we recommend you do so.

keep your content fresh, post content regularly

Post Regular Content

Keep your site up to date with regular updates coming through.  If you have the time to blog then this is a great way to create regular, relevant content, suitable for your audience.  However, not everyone has the time to start a blog, or the skills to write good content, so why not start off with publishing your own ideas or take some snaps, it doesn’t have to be text format for content refreshment. For example, you could post images that tell the story of recent projects. You could upload transcripts of happenings, or quick videos of behind the scenes.  They key is not what you post but keeping it consistent.


Grow Your Social Media Network

As you explore other areas of networking your presence becomes wider and people start to recognise you. Expose your business to a variety of avenues online through social media groups, communities discussions and much more. The more you get your name out there the bigger the exposure for your business, raising your brand awareness. You don’t need to be hard selling all the time, but provide value, expertise and advice. Become an expert in your industry, get talking with people and from here you can introduce them to what you have to offer – and in turn directing them to your website.

SEO tips for small business owners -grow your social media network

Word of mouth is a powerful form of marketing and this is prevalent in social media making it easier for people to recommend your services or direct people to your website.

Add social media links to your website too, not only does it give more authority to Google and show more organic content, it allows any visitors that stumble on your website to find out more about you via your social channels.

Many people want to get to know more about you before they buy so by building up relationships they learn to trust you and your brand.

Wherever you are in your business journey, ensuring your website is as SEO friendly as possible will have positive effects on your online presence. Optimise and do as much as you can to give your ideal customer the experience they’re looking for.

If you’d like to talk to someone about creating credible SEO friendly copy on your website or just an expert opinion, get in touch, we’d love to help.

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