Using Social Media For Good While Staying At Home

Using Social Media For Good While Staying At Home

Social media should always be part of your marketing strategy as a business owner however with the country on lock down, now, more than ever, is the time to get your message out there and to be giving value to everyone you meet ‘online’.

Without the ability to mix in social gatherings, it can become a lonely place and people are finding ways to break the boredom, frustration and changes ahead. Being online will be the first point of call for many who are trying to stay up to date with the world, stay in touch with friends and family and continue as normal as possible.

So where and how does your business fit in to the mix?

Many people are asking the questions, “Should I pull back from social media?” / “I haven’t got the money to put into marketing at the moment” / “There’s no need to promote my business at this time”. All valid questions or thoughts but at the end of the day, you have a business you believe in, the world will go on and come through the Coronavirus at the other end and you want to be in the forefront of people’s minds when that time happens. By disappearing and being unseen through these times, it will make it harder to have an impact when things start to get back to normal.

The best thing your business can do is to keep an active social media presence but perhaps change the tone of what you do. For example, how can you help your audience? How could you provide value to your audience? Could you provide tutorials or how-to’s? Can you inspire or motivate your audience or be a listening ear to the questions or thoughts they have?

There are many ways that you can still communicate with your audience online, it doesn’t have to be about selling your product or getting them to use your services, the above ideas will help to build a relationship with the people around you and to build trust and credibility. You just need to be you – YOU are your brand and the people (eventually) will buy from you when they like and trust what they see and hear.

Tell your story

Relationship building and story telling is so important throughout your marketing ventures, whether that be online or offline, people want to trust who they connect with and love what they see. Tell your story, be honest in what’s happening around you at this time. People are happy to listen and engage when it’s something real – in the long term they will not appreciate you being something you’re not and giving them false hopes of what they will get from you.

How can you use your social media for good in times or hardship or worry? While the country is lockdown, you can provide value in your marketing

Be passionate and positive

Be passionate in everything you do, be inspirational and lift people’s spirits. These are hard time for lots of people and many are seeing their businesses fall around them. How can you be their ray of light? Even if you don’t feel like it’s going great for you, you can still take the positive mindset and believe that if you push through and do all that you are able to do, it will be ok and your business will come through the other end. Mindset has so much to do with outcomes – do you agree? The more positive you are through a situation, the better the result. And that can be applied to your business in these times of lock down, isolation and worrying days. Make the decision to be positive, to be brave, and to try new things as we go through a different way of life for a while. You may try something completely new and it works! You’d never know unless you try.

Bring your audience with you in the journey

Step out of the boat, put your best face on and be there for your audience. Explain to them where you’re at, bring them along with you in your story, make them part of the journey. Allow your audience to help guide the direction of where your business heads, your customers are your lifeline, they are the people that are going to keep your business afloat, so give them what they want and allow their reactions and decision to influence yours.

There is room for everyone online

Social media marketing is a minefield as you may well know by now, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t play the game right and fairly. The internet is a big place and there is room for everyone, you just need to know how and where you fit in. And with many businesses pulling back in their online presence there will be more opportunity for you to be heard, if it’s done correctly and sensitively. Know your audience, know when and where to post, understand them and what their pain points are, get to love them and be in their shoes when writing your copy or creating your images, be that customer and create your content as if it were for you. What would you want to hear? What solutions would help you? What inspiration would help you or guide you?

Make a list of questions that your audience could be asking and write content around these, dig deeper into the mindset of your customers and provide as much value as you can for them and let them think that you are writing directly to them.

Each of us will be going through different struggles in these unprecedented times, the country, the nation, the world is all going through it together, so you are not alone. It’s just going to be a case of what can you do now to keep your business alive and help it to come out the other side?

It’s all in the marketing strategy

Plan your marketing well. Don’t live in the hope that it might work, be strategic in your approach and use your time wisely in creating a plan that will help you achieve all that you need to, while speaking to all those you need to and by providing all the value and solutions that you are able. Be consistent, be persistent and love your audience.

If you’re looking for guidance on how to get your business through these times and showcase what you have to give, we’d love to chat with you. Feel free to get in touch and let’s talk.


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Do Your Clients Know What You Can Do?

Do Your Clients Know What You Can Do?

When we think about promoting a business, we should consider every factor, and this includes actually telling people what we do!

Do we take for granted that people already know us? Do we assume that our audience already have a good perception of who we are and what we are capable of?

Never make assumptions!

When it comes to marketing, whether that be offline or digital marketing – spell out the message you’re intending to say and stick to your message and mission.


Start With The Basics

  • Who are you and what is your business about?
  • What do you offer – what services or products do you provide?
  • How can people get in touch with you?
  • Where can people find out more about you?

These are all questions that we need to start with when marketing a business. Make it easy for people to find out about your brand, your values, your products, your way of doing things. Your customers are your life line to success. Without them you won’t succeed!

is it time to change the perception of how your customers view you? Do your clients know what you actually do?

Dig A Little Deeper

Now you’ve established your presence and people are starting to know more about you, it’s time to go deeper into what you can do for them.

Do your customers know that you can offer XYZ? Are they aware that you can solve X problem?

What is it that your audience is looking for, and how can you put across a message of hope and solution?

Take time to sit in your customer’s shoes for a moment, what would pull you towards your services and what would you be looking to get from it?

Think as a customer and write your marketing directly to them.


Embrace Your Strengths

Everyone has things they are better at and prefer doing over other tasks – embrace those strengths and allow your customers to get a glimpse or taste of those strengths. People buy from people or brands that they trust, by giving them a taster of something that you’re really passionate about, they can ‘try before they buy’.


Learn From Your Weaknesses

On the flip side of your strengths, everyone also has weaknesses. But this isn’t something that shall hold you back. We learn from mistakes, we learn from trial and error and the more we do something, the better we become.

Sometimes we need to step out of the comfort zone and give ourselves a challenge – as hard as that may be to do, it gives us courage, confidence and new strings to our bow. And this is applicable in marketing – social media is a life line for businesses to embrace and to use as best as possible to grow their brand. What could you do to step out of the box, out of your comfort zone and to build relationships with your audience?

For some people the thought of being on video terrifies them – but video is one of the best forms of social media marketing and it gives direct access for clients/customers to see behind the brand, who they’re dealing with and to learn more about a business. Have you tried it?


Create An Event

Another great way for your customers to get to know what you do is to create an event. This could be a physical ‘go to’ event, it could be a networking opportunity, it could be a webinar or even a podcast. But whatever it is, it’s something tangible for people to get to know you.

Again this may be stepping out of your comfort zone but does that matter if it means your business may grow, you’re raising your brand awareness and people are starting to like, know and trust you? It’s a step toward success. It’s a path to growing a business and it’s great for you personally as you get to meet new people and your reputation grows.


The main point is that it’s good to make clear what you do and what you can provide for your customers.

Get to know your ideal audience, get yourself well established within the right circles and the right networks, and become a person of interest in your local area. The more you get out there, the more your business will flourish.

If you’re looking to raise your profile and create a better awareness of your business, we can help! You don’t have to go it alone, and we’d love to chat with you if you’d like some direction in getting started or building on what you already are doing online. Get in touch today!


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How To Use Pinterest For Business

How To Use Pinterest For Business

Pinterest may not be the largest of social media platforms, but it definitely is not one to be laughed at! With over 200 million monthly users it has some important uses and the demographics are valuable so if you’re not already using Pinterest in your marketing strategy, you might be missing out on potential clients.

Looking deeper into the demographics, it’s not just young people that use the platform as some may think. In the UK, 55% of users are between the ages of 18-24, with the other half being over that age.

Facebook and Twitter may be your best friend at the moment but if you haven’t opened up the floodgates to Pinterest, you’re in for a great surprise!


  • Pinterest pins are 100 times more spreadable than a tweet.
  • There are over 175 billion Pinterest pins
  • Over 3 billion Pinterest boards
  • 14 million articles are pinned every day
  • 90% of Pinterest users say that the network helps then decide what to purchase
  • 39% of pinners are likely to be active retail shoppers
  • 50% of users have made a purchase after seeing a promoted pin

With over 200 million active users on Pinterest, 93% of active pinners say that they use the platform to plan for purchases – that is something that needs to be incorporated in any marketing plan! What’s more, 50% of users have an annual income of over $50k and are ready to spend.

It’s not hard to use Pinterest for your business and when you do, you will be among the other 500,000 businesses that are already using Pinterest for Business, which gives you added marketing features to promote your brand along with the important analytics to help you improve as you go.

First off, if you’ve already got a personal Pinterest account, you can change it to a business account – and a must to get the best experience from the platform. Be sure to check out their terms and conditions before you switch.

How can you create good pins?

Where to start

If you’re not sure what you should be pinning, a great place to start is your blog. Your different articles can provide a range of inspirations for you to create different images. One Pinterest pin doesn’t have to suffice – you can create as many pins as you can for one blog post. So, start with you one post, use the header or a question from the post – something that will make someone click on the pin, and either make that into a quote (branded of course with your colours and style) or give it a background image that corresponds with the quote.

Pinterest isn’t like Instagram, it doesn’t have to be beautiful photos that you’ve personally taken (although that would be good as it shows authenticity) but get creative with images that you’ve already used or can manipulate to look good on a Pinterest pin with wording on top.

Once you’ve created a load of pins for your blog posts, get pinning them to your boards.

Optimise your pins

When you create your pin, use a keyword in the file name. For example, if you’re pinning an image relating to topic “why use a virtual assistant”, you could name your file, why-use-virtual-assistant.jpg

This applies to all your images on your blog. If you’re setting up Pinterest for business, you want Pinterest to pick out all your images correctly. Naming your files 123.png does not give good SEO to your images, however Make-Your-Business-Standout-On-Pinterest gives it a better chance.

Pinterest is really another search engine, just like Google. It’s a place where users can search for almost anything and find a result. Therefore, if your images are SEO friendly, they will appear in search results.

When you add an image to your blog for it to be used on Pinterest, ensure that the Alt Text is filled in. This is what will become your pin description. If you set this correctly, it will be the default description every time someone pins your images. The images on your blog are also tracked by Google, which is another reason why it’s a good idea to optimise. Ever wondered why Google results often show Pinterest images in their search results. That’s why!

Use the right images

You need to create beautiful images that will catch the attention of pinners. Eye catching material has better chance of being repinned and noticed by others. You can create beautiful images with the help of Canva which will also provide you with the correct template size for Pinterest. Images should be at least 735px wide by however long… the longer the better!

use eye catching and creative images on your pinterest boards

Create good descriptions

The information you add to your pins will enable a user to find your pin easier and give better opportunity for it to be repined. The popular your pin is, the more times it will be shared. People are searching Pinterest for products and items they want to buy, so giving a good description will provide better search functionality.

Ensure that your titles are descriptive, along with the boards that they are pinned on and include keywords on both. You want your pins to show up in relevant smart feeds or in a search when someone is actively looking for your product.

Make the images easy to read

Users will notice an image at the blink of an eye, as with any social media platform, things move quickly and therefore your images need to be clear. This goes without saying for the text that’s within your image. If the text is un-readable, it will not have as much impact on a user, and therefore may miss out on repins.

As tempting as it may be to try fancy fonts, bear in mind that some may be difficult to read.

Did you know that not only does Pinterest use the description for search results, but it actually skims the text on your images? Therefore it is vital that you text is keyword ready and clear to read.

Ensure branding

All your social media marketing material should be branded, this does not stop at Pinterest. All your images should uniquely identify your brand and your business. Your brand and values should be felt across your whole channel, each board designed with something else in mind but that all relate back to who you are what you represent. Think colours, thing style, thing the tone of voice – all your pins and board should be branded to ensure consistency.

Create value

For someone to want to repin your Pinterest pins, they need to add value. There is no point to a pin if it doesn’t give a clear message or does not add value to someone. Know who your audience are and what they are looking for and tailor your content to them. Provide value in search results and give a reason for someone to want to buy from you, or work with you. What’s the reason you’ve spent time creating a pin? Because you have something to offer, something to share, make that known and provide a service with every pin you create.

Create Rich Pins

By using rich Pins on Pinterest, you’re giving your business even more of a chance to be noticed. They provide more context and information directly on your pin, making them stand out more. There are four types of rich Pins; app, product, recipe, article.

You’ll need to set up rich pins on your website in a few simple steps.

Firstly, you’ll need to add certain meta tags to your site. If you’re already using Yoast SEO, then you’re good to go! If not, you may need a bit of help inserting the code (feel free to ask us!).

Secondly, you’ll need to validate your URL. Using this link you can add your website URL, note – do not use your homepage, it needs to be a blog post but it doesn’t matter which one.

Thirdly, apply! You should shortly see a message saying that your URL has been validated.

Fourthly, that’s it, you’re done! You’ll need to wait a few days for Pinterest to approve your application but once it’s done, all your pins will display your website and logo. From here, users will find it easier to click back through to your website and to see where the pin originated from.

10 steps to using Pinterest for business in your social media strategy

Use a call to action

Don’t assume people will take action from your Pinterest boards, you need to tell them where to go next, or what to do – give them a call to action.

If you want a user to click through to your website, or to follow your boards, make that clear in your descriptions. Try not to use too much wording as people get bored very quickly! But make it clear in what you want them to do…

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If you’re wondering what images have been saved from your domain, you can simply type the following into you URL bar (changing the name to your blog)


This will list all the images that have been used on Pinterest from your website, pretty smart!

Get sharing

Now it’s time to get sharing. The most important thing is to remember to pin your own posts! Pin them to all the relevant boards you have but ensure that you have one board that is dedicated to your blog posts.

Be sure to pin posts from other people too. It’s not all about self, self, self – it’s about creating value and helping or guiding others.

Use the Tailwind Tool

Want to increase your chance of being seen and having your content being shared? After all, the more your content is shared, the more chance you’ll have to gain followers and get traffic to your website. You can save time (bulk upload your pins), maximise your reach (optimise each pin), measure your success, schedule in advance and be more efficient. Tailwind is THE tool that you need to see your Pinterest marketing BOOM! 

You can promote your Pinterest channel on other social media platforms, add your profile to your email signature or simply share some posts with friends. The more you pin, the more you’ll be noticed.

Don’t forget to use Pinterest Analytics to see what’s working and where your most valued pins are coming from. Use the information to engage more with your audience and to provide value in what they are wanting to see the most.

If you’d like help putting your social media marketing strategy together, or advice on how to make Pinterest to work for your business, get in touchand let’s help your business drive forward with the power of social media.

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How to Boost Business Using Facebook

How to Boost Business Using Facebook

Facebook is a powerful tool. With over 2.23 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook has the power to reach an extremely wide audience if used correctly. The best part is that it’s free to set up a business page and start promoting your brand straight away. The only part you need to pay for is Facebook advertising (which we’ll cover shortly) but overall it is free to get started.

So how can you utilise Facebook to make it a powerful marketing tool for your business and to aid in the growth and brand awareness of your brand?

Integrate Facebook buttons onto your company website

If you have a business website as well as a Facebook page, now is the time to make them work for each other. Visitors can simply connect to Facebook with a click of a button on your website which will enable them to keep in contact with you wherever they are. If they land on your website first, it will direct them to your Facebook page where they will get more of a personal touch or information and vice versa, if they land on your Facebook page first, they can be directed to your website where they will see more of your products and company information.


Get engaging!

Once people land on your Facebook Page, you need to be with engaging with them straight away. Create posts that will entice people to comment or share with their friends. By understanding your audience, it will enable you to write content that is tailored to them, helping them to like your posts.

Engagement is your number one goal when it comes to Facebook, or any other social media channel. You need to ensure that you create eye-catching and attractive posts that will get your audience engaging with you and each other.

If you’re stuck for ideas about what to post, you could use photos or quotes, facts about you or the industry, questions or polls or even link to outside articles that reiterate your message. All posts should have the key goal in mind: engagement.


Build Trust

Your Facebook Page needs to be a place where people can feel that ‘know’ your brand. It’s a place that as engagement increases and more people comment, like or share your posts, trust is formed and from there you need to build upon that to increase loyalty. Your customers will only buy from you if they trust you. They need to feel important and that you care about their needs. Business is built on trust, whether you’re out on the high street or on an online store, a person will not purchase from somewhere they don’t trust. Therefore, build upon relationships, engage and show industry knowledge, show authority and expertise, be transparent and allow your followers (your potential customers) to see through what your business is about and stands for.


Showcase your brand/products

Your Facebook Page is another storefront for your business, therefore, you need to showcase what you have to offer. Use images that are attractive, photograph your products in a way that make your followers want to click on them to see more. Show off where you can, in a professional way, and allow people to see everything that you offer.

Posts or images can link to your website, or they can link to a Facebook store, or simply just an image to promote a product. Make your posts varied and exciting, try not to stick to the same thing all the time but mix content up and appeal to the audience that you are targeting. Don’t forget to keep branding consistent when you create your content.


Be responsive

This goes without saying – good customer service is vital for any business success. More and more people are messaging or contacting businesses through Facebook pages or social media channels rather than the conventional telephone or email approach nowadays which means that you need to be on the ball with your responses. People want instant and it’s too easy for someone to go elsewhere if they don’t get a response straight away.

Engagement may come through comments on your posts, Messenger emails or through shared posts – be sure to stay on top of your notifications in order to catch everything that is being directed at you.


Be a resource

Using a Facebook Page doesn’t mean promoting your own content 100% of the time. It’s often good to promote local events or industry knowledge to allow your readers to know that you care about what they are seeing and what they might want to read. Sharing local events can mean exposure for you as a business and will help local people discover you while at the same time you’re doing good for your community.

Industry knowledge is also a good way of keeping people up to date with latest trends or information that they may not necessarily hear about otherwise. It’s ok for people to click through to other websites – it’s your Page where they first saw the information, which they will remember.


Partner with other small businesses

Sometimes it can be good to work together in partnership with another small business to help each other with brand awareness. Allowing others’ to share your content gives your brand exposure to their customer base, and vise versa. You could do Facebook Live together to show partnership. You could do a giveaway or competition for both sets of audiences. Working together does not mean taking business away from you, it’s about creating bigger exposure for both parties.


Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising can be a daunting thought to many and the ££ signs may float in front of your eyes. However, it doesn’t have to be a costly experience if you’re on a tight budget or you’re a small business who is just exploring the Facebook Ad option. Working with a company who is experienced in setting up your campaigns will give you the better hand as they will know how to target your audience and create appealing adverts that speak directly to your customers. However if you want to venture it alone, there are tutorials that can get you started. Start off with a small budget, you can start with as little as £1 if you really want to! And build your adverts to target specific audiences and demographics, depending on what you business is about. Create images or artwork that is eye-catching and don’t use text on your images – the text can be added into the wording above the advert – your advert may not be approved if you use text on the image itself. Facebook advertising is an amazing tool that when used correctly can boost your brand awareness and reach directly to the audience that you are trying to reach which will boost your page following and hopefully in turn, boost business sales.

In all that you do on your Facebook Page, ensure that you show personality and a human side for your audience to engage with. Be the voice of your business and get personal with people. You’ll see results when you focus your efforts into your Facebook Page and you start to love and understand your followers.

Are you ready to start building your business with your Facebook Page? If so, we’d love to help. If you’re new to social media marketing or have had a Facebook Page for a long time with no success, get in touch to see how we can help you make an impact and see business growth.


Are you a women in business? If so, join our Facebook Group and be supported by like-minded women who are looking to grow their business online and receive regular motivational and inspirational encouragement.

Are you a women in business? If so, join our Facebook Group and be supported by like-minded women who are looking to grow their business online and receive regular motivational and inspirational encouragement.

Ways to Build Loyalty With Your Customers

Ways to Build Loyalty With Your Customers

One of the main ways to sustain a healthy and growing business is to keep a steady customer base. A company doing well will typically see the 80/20 rule; 80 percent of its business coming from 20 percent of its customer base.

If you are looking to grow your business and to see it thrive well into later years, you need to start building loyalty with your customers and building relationships to keep them happy.


Communication is key

Keeping customers informed of what’s happening within your business, offers and up to date information will allow your customers to feel part of the life of your business. This could be via a number of mediums including newsletters, emails, social media or even a phone call but the fact that you are telling your customers about the latest news goes a long way.

You don’t need to be pushing sales at your customers all the time. Communications can be friendly, informative snippets along with a “how are you doing?’ every once in a while. People appreciate communication and it goes a long way in building customer relationships.


Always go above and beyond

This goes without saying in business, if you have a customer then you want to treat them right and maintain that customer for future potential sales. By going above and beyond in what you do for them at the start of their customer experience with you, they will know that you care about them and that you want their business.

It doesn’t take much to do a little extra, as Tesco’s motto says “Every Little Helps” and yes that might be in a different context but it’s the same principle – every little bit helps for your customers and you have an opportunity to show each and every client that you are there to serve them, along with wanting to provide 100% and beyond.


Be a problem solver – Be positive

It’s great when things are going well, but how do you deal with situations when they go slightly pear-shaped? How do you react with customers when they have a complaint or something to share?

As you build your business, you will come along characters that will test your patience and try to get something for nothing. But you are the face of your business and your reputation matters. Building a good reputation can take years but it only takes one or two customers to not like your practice to tear that reputation down.

Therefore, try to solve or defuse a situation rather than rise to it. Always try to show a positive attitude towards all customers, whether you like what is happening or not. You are more likely to have a positive outcome and a good response if you act in a positive manner and show professionalism.


Promote brand awareness

This is number one in a business marketing strategy but it can often be put on hold or forgotten about when other aspects of business take over. By promoting your brand and showcasing what you are about, you are building a base of followers who will get to know, love and understand who you are and what your business is about. Building a business takes trust and people need to trust your brand in order to feel comfortable buying from you. When you build on your brand awareness, they are given opportunities of seeing more and more about what you do and how you can benefit them or provide a service for what they are looking for.

Always target your brand awareness campaigns to people who are really going to want to buy from you. It’s vital to understand your target audience and to know what it is they are looking for so you can provide the solution for them. Understanding your audience will bring  you closer to them and provide a way in to build relationships that build customer loyalty and longevity.


Show who you really are

It’s great to showcase your business and everything that it has to offer, it’s one step further to showcase who you are, as the business owner. People love stories and customers feel connected when they know there is a human behind all the technology. You may not feel comfortable speaking on video or promoting yourself but it will go a long way in building customer relationships and allowing customers to know the real you behind the business.

Video marketing is definitely the future. And if you’re not doing it now, you need to be very soon! It doesn’t have to be long drawn out videos, it can simply be you saying hi and and introducing yourself as the business owner. Pin a video post to the top of your social media posts so that each new customer can see the voice and face behind the company they are looking to engage with. It will go a long way – try it today!

If you’re still unsure on what impact your video marketing could have, check out these 100 video stats you should know – and see how you could integrate them into your marketing objective.


Get engaging!

We say it all the time but the key to building a loyal customer base is by engaging with them on a daily basis. This falls in with the communication point but it goes a little deeper. If you’re using social media to attract new customers and to retain your current ones too (and if you’re not using social media for business then please get in touch!), your followers are looking to engage with your business. Give them posts that they can reply to or share with their friends. Post articles that relate to their situation. Get your writing head on and create some posts or articles that really speak to the heart of your audience. When they see that you are actually speaking to them on a personal level, they will share that with their friends and family, they will recommend your business to others and they will start to love who you are which in turn leads them to be a loyal customer.


Take these points on board and use them to grow your business. Building a loyalty with your customers is so important if you want longevity in your business. Sustaining and maintaining your client base doesn’t have to be hard work but it does need dedication and commitment to see it work.


If you’re looking to reach a wider audience through social media or would like to know more about creating an effective marketing campaign, get in touch today!

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