Finding Success: Enjoy A Work-Life Balance

Finding Success: Enjoy A Work-Life Balance

Many people strive for success and this can come in various forms depending on what success means for you. Financial freedom, a good work-life balance, owning a business – each and every person has their own thoughts on what success means for them.

If you’re not completely satisfied with how your career or work life is going or heading, and you’re not feeling the joy of success, perhaps it’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate.

Setting up a business and working for yourself can have huge implications to your life, especially if you’re seeking a better work-life balance, and can be the answer that you’re looking for in order to be a more happier, independent and passionate person.

Many people dream about having their own business but get stuck on the ‘how to’ of getting started, often causing a stumbling block and even an excuse not to get started. But if you’re looking for encouragement in getting started and help along the way – we’re here to offer that and to give you as much guidance as we can to help you on your way. Don’t let barriers get in your way, hurdles and obstacles can be overcome – but you need to be in the right mindset to get there.

What are the main benefits to owning a business and working for yourself?

1) Financial freedom

Working for yourself means that you have the opportunity to work the hours you want or need in order to obtain the financial income that you want, or need. Depending on the industry that you head into, and the other commitments you may have, the world is your oyster in how much you can benefit financially when becoming your own boss.

However be aware that it is harder to motivate yourself and stay on track when you’re running your own business! There’s no one there to push you forward, telling you to get the work finished or making you stay 9-5 … you have to do this yourself. Not having a time-sheet or accountability can be hard at first, but when you are in a routine and have the motivation to want to earn, you’re on the right track. It may not happen overnight, but you will get there if you persevere.

Set goals of what income you need in order to see financial freedom – and what does financial freedom actually mean for you as this is different for everyone. Little by little you can reach your financial goals until you hit the place where you need to be. Once you’re there, make a plan in order to sustain that income.


2) Work-life balance

Yes it’s hard work being a business owner, especially when you first start out but if you can start out with the mindset that this is going to work around your other commitments and personal life, you’ll have a better chance that your work-life balance is going to be successful. Start as you mean to go on!

Looking for a work-life balance? Setting up your business could be the answer


On the flip side of that, you still need to give 100%. This may mean working in a way that you are not used to, or working different hours to accommodate, it’s about balance and finding a routine that works for you personally.

What does a work-life balance mean for you?

Do you have family responsibilities, volunteer commitments, regular things that you need to do? However you balance your workload is completely up to you when you’re a business owner – find a pattern that is sustainable, try not to commit to things that are out of reach or make life harder, and enjoy the benefits of both a happy lifestyle and business that is passionate for you.



3) Achievements

When you own your business, you can set your own goals and see them achieved.

When you’re working for someone else you can often feel trapped into achieving someone else’s goals. This is your chance to find your feet, set your own targets and head directly for your own success.

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What have you always wanted to do that could be brought into the goals of your new business?

The best way to see success and achieve your goals is to set out a business and marketing plan aligned with where you want to be and how you’re going to get there. Follow the plan and if necessary find someone that you can be accountable to in order to stay on track of your plan.

how to be a successful business owner and enjoy work-life balance

4) Organisation & Efficiency

If you’re not one for being efficient and simply doing ‘what you need when you need to’, running your own business (should) shape you into being effective in all that you do. Productivity is a must if you want to be successful – start with this mindset when you begin your business and stay in this habit in order for it to continue long-term.

  • How do you plan your day?
  • What steps do you do in order to see something accomplished?

How about starting with a physical planner where you write down your goals, create step by step targets to achieve them and work out a plan of action in order to see the results? Much better than playing it by ear and hoping for the best! Efficiency and productivity are great tools but ones that need to be worked at and adhered to. However when you get into the routine of following them, you’ll see a more positive outcome and better results.


5) Positive Attitude

When you’re doing something you love, you’ll have the motivation to do it. Unlike a 9-5 where you go because you have to, watching the time tick by, you’ll be positive in what you’re doing. When you’re positive and happy in what you’re doing, you’ll see better results.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” ~ Zig Ziglar

Success and achievement have an effect not just on the physical aspect of what you’re doing but in your personal attitude and lifestyle too.

Everyone dreams, everyone has goals that they’d love to see come to fruition. If you can put that desire into your own business and see dreams achieved, how much more confident and passionate will you become?


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When it comes to starting a business, ensure that you find something that you are passionate about. Once you’ve found that passion, create a plan of action and a timeline of how you’re going to get started and what you need to move forward. Set SMART goals – be realistic in achievements and plan out your marketing to reach those goals.

Get creative, find inspiration, be motivated by passion.

Are you thinking about starting a business? Once you’re ready to get started, give us a call to talk about an online marketing strategy – we’d love to hear your story, see what you’re looking to do and help you get there. Speak soon!


Is It Time To Chase Your Business Dream?

Is It Time To Chase Your Business Dream?

Chasing a business dream requires determination and dedication – a complete focus on what you want for your life.

There are many reasons why people want to start their own business, this may be due to having a hobby they love, the desire to earn extra income, or perhaps to have the flexibility of a work-life balance. All are valid reasons and there are no right or wrong answers to starting a business and chasing your dreams as long as you are passionate and have the desire to push forward.

We hear stories all over social media about successful business owners and entrepreneurs who have created 6-figure businesses and bring their dreams to reality along with providing a security for their families through doing so.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create the same success for your business using your dreams and passions.

Why can’t you? What’s stopping you?


Often we’re held back by the fear of the unknown, the fear of failure or even by not knowing where to start, however if you’ve got a plan or purpose in mind, following those through to completion is only a journey with the steps that you need to take to make it happen – working out the ‘how’ will come as you go along.

Many successful business owners don’t know what they’re heading for when they first start out and certainly not all of them expect them to be as successful as they turn out to be. But if you find a gap in the market and have a passion to see that gap filled, you too can be a successful business owner.


Having enthusiasm and determination is where you need to start from – finding something that really gets you excited and where you know you can make a difference.

  • What is it that gets you excited?
  • What passions do you have?
  • What would you like see improved or created?

Work from the bottom up. There’s no point establishing a business based on something that everyone is doing – well you can if you’re confident you can beat the competition! But why not find a niche that people haven’t tapped into yet, just waiting for someone like you to take hold of it and make something good from it?

Define your dream

  • What is your business idea?
  • What purpose would that idea have?
  • What do you want to achieve from it?
  • What is your ultimate goal with the business?

Thinking with these questions in mind will give you a base, a starting point to really get down to the bottom of what your business idea would and could accomplish. Think about the purpose of the business and how would it help or benefit others? Can you see yourself following this dreams on in five or ten years time? Is it a long term or a short term venture?


Your business idea or business plan must have vision. It must be built upon something that has an ultimate goal or target. Think around strategy and planning and what goals you would need to set in order to achieve success. Does your vision include other people, or are you planning this alone?

We live in an era where anything goes, as long as you have the funds to support your business and the motivation to succeed, you’re halfway there!

Running an online business is often easier when first starting out in business as there is so much resource available to you and opportunities for you to tap into. This could be an eCommerce store, a service based business, or simply even selling informational products. It all comes down to discipline and working hard. Putting in the time and effort and research in order to make your business a success.

Chasing your business dream can be closer than you think, all you need to do is make the decision to get started. Don’t let discouragement get in the way of what you want to do. There will be times that you’ll wonder why you’ve started and what the road ahead looks like but if you’ve got passion and determination to see it through – you’ll make it work.

Don’t procrastinate

This is the worst thing that you can do! Never put off until tomorrow what you could do today. That’s the best advice we can give you. Find your passions, discover your dreams, create a plan and off you go. It might not be plain sailing but if you put off every difficult task that comes your way, you will find it hard to succeed. Keep pushing forward, keep looking for ways to improve every aspect of your business as you move on.

What are people looking for? How can you help others? Thinking about your customers and not yourself in your business will be a turning point as from the moment you realise that it’s not about you, it’s about them, is the moment that you start to see opportunities and the right paths to follow.


Don’t lose sight of the visions and dreams you have. Chase your dreams. Love what you do. Create a business that can show your full colours of what you believe in and what you know you can succeed in. Believe in yourself and be confident that you have the power to create a successful business when you believe that you can.

If you’d like help getting your business started with online marketing or creating a social media strategy to help you business get off the ground, we’d love to talk with you. Get in touch for more information.

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