Create The WOW Factor

Create The WOW Factor

How do you retain customers? How do you scale and grow a business?

A great customer service, experience, and open communication is key.

We’ve been thinking a lot lately about the ‘customer journey’, not just for KJP Creative and our other interests, but for all the other people who we are surrounded by too. This includes our clients, our friends, the businesses we come into contact with through our networks… everyone. There’s no question that a good customer experience has a positive affect.


  • It’s boosts confidence in the customer.
  • It gives them a positive experience.
  • It makes them know that they are valued.
  • It gives them reason to recommend your services or product.
  • It builds trust and relationship.

These are all GREAT for growing and scaling a business!

When you’ve got a proven track record for customer satisfaction, it’s much easier & cost-effective to keep a current client and to work with them long-term, than it is to having to keep finding new ones.

Would you rather work with 5 well-paying, happy and easy clients who value your expertise and skills, or 20 low-paying, nit-gritty clients who ask questions at every decision?

It comes down to what your end goal is and the types of clients you prefer to work with. If it’s volume you’re after, then the latter is probably what you’re after – as many clients as you can get.
However if it’s value & desire to help and add value you’re looking for,  you’d probably rather nurture your existing clients and scale and grow through a similar type of persona.


how can you best serve your customers? Give them customer satisfaction

How do you create customer satisfaction?

#1 – Communication

Communicate with them at all times. Find out what makes them tick, what they like or need, and work with them to create what they are looking for, whether that be through a service or a product, communicate on all levels.

It doesn’t hurt to over-communicate, it’s when they’re left feeling alone or not knowing what you’re doing that gives a bad impression.

#2 – Check Ins

Check in regularly and make sure everything is ok. This could be in the form of an email – by newsletter if you’re talking about your customers as a whole – or a personal email just to let them know you’re thinking of them and are there to help.

Make it a regular exercise if possible to send an email at a certain day & time, so they get familiar with when to expect your correspondence. This also opens up the doors if they have questions, they know they’ll have an opportunity at this given time.

#3 – Reassurance

Give them a call, or arrange a video call. Hearing your voice can create reassurance. How often do you actually speak to your clients? If this is something you’re not comfortable with, partner with someone who can do this for you!

Clients like to know they’re getting the best value possible. By giving them a call and keeping them in the loop regularly, you’re letting them know that they’re in the forefront of your mind, and you’re doing all you can to help them.

#4 – Social Media

Use your social media channels – yes that’s right. Your social media can be used to create a positive vibe for your clients. It can help keep them in the loop with what’s happening, what’s coming up, offers, tips & tricks, feedback – and so much more. Your social media is a great place to build those relationships before the client journey even begins.

Nurture new followers, reach out to people who are engaging with you, schedule a call to see how you can help, send them a gift even! It’s about standing out and standing above the competition and letting your customers know that you care about them personally.


If you’re a small business who is struggling to grow past a certain point, perhaps customer service could be one of your sticking points. Take a closer look at the above points and see how you can better incorporate them into you business strategy. And in turn, bring it into your marketing strategy that enables you to scale.

If you simply don’t have the time to put so much effort into the customer service side of things through your online marketing, we’d love to have a chat with you to see how we can partner with you to help. Drop us a message and let’s have a conversation.

How To Mix Summer Holidays and Social Media

How To Mix Summer Holidays and Social Media

Struggling with balancing summer holidays / family / running a business and social media?

It’s the summer holidays for many – so as a business owner, how do the school holidays effect your business life – and how do you work your marketing around the holiday season?

Getting to the summer is an achievement, many looking forward to a well-earned summer break with the family, however this does and can have repercussions on your social media channels if you’re not careful in the planning stages.

We talk about this so much, and probably sound like a broken record, but having a content plan and calendar really does help get your marketing organised so you can see clearly, laid out in front of you, what you need to do and plan how you’re going to do it. A content calendar helps you plan ahead for as long as you need; planning campaigns, showing gaps, or just placing content strategically over a time period.

So, if you’ve got to the beginning of the holidays and you’re struggling to think how you’re going to manage your social media while you’re off on your hols – NOW is the time to get it all in place so you can enjoy a few weeks of calm and fun.

work life balance as a business owner - getting your social media working for you

And do you know what? Customers understand that August is holiday season. Most people are accommodating when they’re communicated to effectively. It’s when communication drops, that people lose trust in a brand. If you’re out of the office for a week or two, stick it on your email out of office. There’s nothing worse than a customer trying to get in touch from something they’ve seen on social, and then don’t receive a response from their email. A gentle out of office lets them know that they’re valued and you will be in touch as soon as you return.

You’re allowed to have a holiday!

It’s ok to take a break!

Don’t feel guilty and like you need to be working on your business 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s not realistic and it’s not healthy.

What is realistic is that you create great systems which help you to be productive and efficient when you are working, to cover for the times that you are not.

Get started on content planning

>> Grab a blank piece of paper, split it into 7 columns wide and 5 rows deep and write down the dates for the next month in each box, like a calendar.

Now you’re ready to plan, plan, plan.


create a content calendar to manage your social media marketing throughout the holiday season#1 – start with what you know

Start to write in the content you know you need to share over that month.
Don’t make it complicated, you don’t have a whole load of time to get beautifully designed graphics prepared or perfectly worded copy written up. If you’re doing this last minute, make it as simple and easy as possible.

#2 – inspire others

Next, find some meaningful quotes and inspirational verses that you could share – make sure they will resonate with your audience.

#3 – get the conversation started

Why not try some light-hearted content that will fill in some of the gaps? What would make your audience laugh or smile? Pick some of the awareness days which fall into the month and create content around those.

#4 – curate content

Lastly, look for articles which have been written by other people that will work well for your audience – curated content. This maybe be blogs which you’ve recently read, or publications that you know are good for your readers.

All these things together can fill up a whole month’s worth of content. Once it’s all written on the calendar, it’s time to put it into action and use your favourite scheduling tool to get them ready.

#5 – schedule

** We only recommend tools that we have personally used – we suggest any of the following:

If you can isolate a day, or break it up into bite size chunks you can manage, you’ll have your holiday season covered in no time across all your social channels.

Hey, don’t sweat it though. If you have left it to the last minute and really don’t have time to think about all things social – we can do it for you! Plus we’ll be around to manage all the community engagement too if you’d like us to 🙂

… Connect with KJP Creative – just drop us an email with some details about you and your business and we will be in touch.

Happy holidays – And enjoy the sunshine!


Make Social Media Fun For Best Results

Make Social Media Fun For Best Results

How are we in July already – The time certainly flies when you’re having fun!

Quarter 2: are you ready for the next season of the year?

It’s no joke that as a small business owner it can be hard to manage everything, especially when you prioritise and know that you have certain targets to meet. Social media can be hard to juggle and fit in to the pattern and to do it well creates even more stress for some.

How can you make a difference to the outcome of your social media efforts? ENJOY it! 😉

If you’re not creatively minded or don’t have a flair for design, perhaps you find it hard to create eye-catching graphics or posts that grab attention. But there is another way… tap into the emotion of your readers – make them laugh!

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine. — Lord Byron

It’s ok to smile and laugh – in fact laughter is good for the soul, it motivates us, inspires us and gives us the energy to persevere and carry on. If you pass that onto your readers, you’ll give them that same boost and lift in confidence.

When you start to hit an emotion, people start to resonate, people start to enjoy your content, start liking or sharing, and before you know it, you’ve got a knock-on effect of engagement on your channels.

Grow your social media channels by tapping into the emotions of your readers - make them laugh!ALWAYS have fun with your social media content, it doesn’t matter what type of business or industry you are in, everyone’s human and enjoys a laugh every now and again.

Most people go on social media to check in with friends or family or to see what’s happening in the world – if you can brighten their day and give them something to smile about, even better!

So, as we delve into the second half of the year, be serious about the goals and targets you have for your business, but find creative ways to make them successful.

If you’re looking for a way to manage your marketing strategy, or are fed up with post-it notes everywhere and hundreds of tabs open on your laptop – why not treat yourself to a copy of our Social Media Planner, just £7.99 over on Amazon.

Whatever the season, whatever the day of the week, give your social channels the happiness they deserve.

If you’ve got anything to add, please drop a comment or below, we value your opinions also.

** Struggling to hit the emotion with your audience to see growth? Why not give us a call and let us work with you to create a social media strategy and plan to help you get the results you need to finish the year on target.

How To Create An Awesome Content Marketing Plan

How To Create An Awesome Content Marketing Plan

  • Struggling to keep up with your social media marketing?
  • Not sure what to post on your social media channels?
  • Losing productivity by spending too much time on social media?

How do you manage your social media effectively and efficiently?

A (well thought-out, strategically planned, eye-catching) social media content plan is your answer. In short, an awesome content plan.

Having a social media presence is a necessity in today’s digital world, even if you are just on one platform. Managing it well and learning to work with tools that can make you both productive and efficient in your business can make a whole world of difference to the outcome, not to mention your mental health!

Many small business owners don’t realise or understand the need to create a content plan, it’s often done on a day-to-day basis and is based on whatever the person is feeling that day. There’s no strategy or thought behind it, just what comes to mind when they remember they have to post. This can create chaos on your social channels, with no real meaning behind any of it.

We understand that everyone is busy, marketing is not always at the forefront of your mind, but when you get distracted or side-tracked into doing other things within your business, your social media marketing is often the task that gets pushed aside and often forgotten, creating an inconsistent pattern. Not only does this provide inconsistency for your audience but it doesn’t give you direction or help with long-term targeting or strategies for marketing, and in turn, sales.

The most basic tool for your social media planning, is getting to grips with a content plan.

A content plan will be your best friend for life!

Here at KJP Creative, we use a pen and paper for this at the beginning stage, and write everything down so we can see everything clearly and laid out in front of us – usually working to a month’s plan. Here’s our top 5 tips for creating an awesome content marketing plan:

#1 – Map out

Create a blank view of your calendar for the month ahead, and start to fill in the gaps… Tip: use a different colour for each type of content so you can see at a glance. The more you start to fill in, you’ll see gaps of where you need content, or where you’re putting too much of the same thing together etc. Learn to spread things out, or manage a campaign at a glance.

#2 – Get thinking & start writing

Write in certain things that you know you want to share that month, these could be things that tie in with overall goals, things that work towards wider targets. Next comes some of your own content, blog posts, or articles that you’ve written. Then think about telling people about what you do, detailing different aspects of your business.

Utilise evergreen content from your website for your social media content plan

#3 – Use curated content

You can then start to drop in articles that you’ve enjoyed reading, or content that would be beneficial to your readers – it doesn’t have to be all your own content, it’s good to get an all-round view on topics. There might also be people or accounts who you can reshare content from, make notes of dates that this might be applicable.

#4 – Utilise awareness days

How about some awareness days to get your audience talking? We wouldn’t advise jumping on every awareness day that happens, but choose ones that are relevant to your readers and get them thinking and talking about real issues they face and ones they can resonate with. These are great to keep up with trends, things that happening around you, world events etc.

Awareness days for social media can help build relationships, and give people something in common to talk about.

#5 – Tap into emotions

The key to your content plan is to create content that is going to be engaging for your readers, and is going to tap into an emotion. Emotions are so important, and there are so many out there to trigger, but hitting a nerve can be the difference between someone stopping to take notice of you, to scrolling right past and not. Find the balance, find what works well with your audience. Do they enjoy a joke, or would they prefer a motivational post?

What’s next with the content plan?

Once you’ve got your content plan together, it’s about writing the content to go with the plan, creating the images/ graphics, and scheduling. Everyone works differently, so find a pattern that works for you. And find a scheduling tool that you can get on with. Some are easier than others, some have analytics, some integrate with other platforms, some are easy for a mobile device… the choice is really down to personal preference – the key is to actually find time to doing it!

Don’t have the time? Block out sections in your diary for each part of the plan:

  • Content planning
  • Research
  • Writing
  • Graphics
  • Scheduling

If you’ve only got an hour one day and half hour the next, block these times out and stick to them. Make this a regular part of your to-do list. Once you get into the habit, it’ll become easier and quicker – promise!

However, if you’re still reading and wonder how you’d ever get time to create a proper strategic content plan, or it’s simply not your forte, or what you want to be focussed on right now, we can help! That’s what we love to do, and it’s our speciality. Just contact us, and we’ll be in touch to talk further.

But for those who are ready to see your social media take off to new heights – we challenge you to take content planning seriously and give it a go. And we’d love to hear back from you once you have!

In the meantime, why not checkout our FREE Awareness Days calendar to get you started…

free Awareness Days Calendar / KJP Creative




How To Optimise Social Media For Maximum Results

How To Optimise Social Media For Maximum Results

So, you’re a business owner looking to make an impact on social media, but just can’t seem to generate the results you imagined. Sound familiar?

That’s ok, you are not alone in this and there are many small business owners who simply can’t get past that first hurdle. Let’s face it, the bigger the impact on social media, the more traffic driven to your website, the better chance of seeing an increase of sales and business expansion. We all want it, but it seems so out of reach for many, especially when you’re just starting out.

With this in mind, we’ve put together 3 top tips to optimise your social media channels to get results.

Optimise your social profiles

The first thing to make your brand stand out online is to optimise your social media profiles. It’s easy enough to get started and set up a social channel, but to have real impact and to reach the audience you’re looking to attract, your profile has to be unique – and click-worthy.

Consider the basics and what would attract you to a certain brand profile:

  • It is branded? Brand colours, logos, theme?
  • Does it have relevant information in the bio / about sections?
  • Is there a working link to direct people to your website?
  • Are you utilising keywords or hashtags for search purposes?


Have a content plan of action

The second thing to consider is the actual content that you’re posting.
Are you posting for a reason, is there meaning behind what you’re saying and are you actually speaking to an audience?
Or, are you just posting for the sake of it, writing about what you want to say rather than what your audience wants to hear?

  • Are you following a content plan?
  • Do you have a thought process behind the flow of content and does it flow together between the various posts and channels?
  • Is the content engaging, interactive, give call to actions?
  • Are you telling people what you want them to do once they’ve read your content?


Integrate Paid Ads

And lastly, consider using paid ads as part of your marketing strategy. Once you’ve built up a good base of content, once you’ve established some good foundations, now could be a good time to test out paid advertising. They can be highly effective in reaching a much wider and targeted audience, giving you the right following for your brand.

Paid ads harmonise with your organic content and former a bigger aspect of your marketing strategy. Wider reach, more impressions, bigger chance to be seen, more targeted efforts.


Note: Paid ads do not have to be expensive. You work with the budget you have. Work out how much you can afford to put aside each month, not money that you hope to not have to use and could do with getting back, get away from that mindset and think about a set amount of money that you can do without. It could be £100 per month, it could be £1000 per month depending on your business. Create a budget and stick to it.

By working on these top 3 tips, you can set your brand apart from the many who simply do not put the effort into the detail. Your brand is your identity and you want that first impression to be the best it possibly can. The better the optimisation, the better the impression, the better the outcome.

All these points together will help maximise your social media presence and give you a better chance to increase leads, become visible and to grow your brand.

If you’ve any tips to add to the list, feel free to let us know in the comments!

And if you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, KJP Creative can give you the boost you need to see visible growth in 2022. Don’t sit on the fence, take the steps necessary to succeed. Get in touch today, and let’s get the conversation started 🙂



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