How do you retain customers? How do you scale and grow a business?

A great customer service, experience, and open communication is key.

We’ve been thinking a lot lately about the ‘customer journey’, not just for KJP Creative and our other interests, but for all the other people who we are surrounded by too. This includes our clients, our friends, the businesses we come into contact with through our networks… everyone. There’s no question that a good customer experience has a positive affect.


  • It’s boosts confidence in the customer.
  • It gives them a positive experience.
  • It makes them know that they are valued.
  • It gives them reason to recommend your services or product.
  • It builds trust and relationship.

These are all GREAT for growing and scaling a business!

When you’ve got a proven track record for customer satisfaction, it’s much easier & cost-effective to keep a current client and to work with them long-term, than it is to having to keep finding new ones.

Would you rather work with 5 well-paying, happy and easy clients who value your expertise and skills, or 20 low-paying, nit-gritty clients who ask questions at every decision?

It comes down to what your end goal is and the types of clients you prefer to work with. If it’s volume you’re after, then the latter is probably what you’re after – as many clients as you can get.
However if it’s value & desire to help and add value you’re looking for,  you’d probably rather nurture your existing clients and scale and grow through a similar type of persona.


how can you best serve your customers? Give them customer satisfaction

How do you create customer satisfaction?

#1 – Communication

Communicate with them at all times. Find out what makes them tick, what they like or need, and work with them to create what they are looking for, whether that be through a service or a product, communicate on all levels.

It doesn’t hurt to over-communicate, it’s when they’re left feeling alone or not knowing what you’re doing that gives a bad impression.

#2 – Check Ins

Check in regularly and make sure everything is ok. This could be in the form of an email – by newsletter if you’re talking about your customers as a whole – or a personal email just to let them know you’re thinking of them and are there to help.

Make it a regular exercise if possible to send an email at a certain day & time, so they get familiar with when to expect your correspondence. This also opens up the doors if they have questions, they know they’ll have an opportunity at this given time.

#3 – Reassurance

Give them a call, or arrange a video call. Hearing your voice can create reassurance. How often do you actually speak to your clients? If this is something you’re not comfortable with, partner with someone who can do this for you!

Clients like to know they’re getting the best value possible. By giving them a call and keeping them in the loop regularly, you’re letting them know that they’re in the forefront of your mind, and you’re doing all you can to help them.

#4 – Social Media

Use your social media channels – yes that’s right. Your social media can be used to create a positive vibe for your clients. It can help keep them in the loop with what’s happening, what’s coming up, offers, tips & tricks, feedback – and so much more. Your social media is a great place to build those relationships before the client journey even begins.

Nurture new followers, reach out to people who are engaging with you, schedule a call to see how you can help, send them a gift even! It’s about standing out and standing above the competition and letting your customers know that you care about them personally.


If you’re a small business who is struggling to grow past a certain point, perhaps customer service could be one of your sticking points. Take a closer look at the above points and see how you can better incorporate them into you business strategy. And in turn, bring it into your marketing strategy that enables you to scale.

If you simply don’t have the time to put so much effort into the customer service side of things through your online marketing, we’d love to have a chat with you to see how we can partner with you to help. Drop us a message and let’s have a conversation.

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