Twitter is a great resource to use for your business marketing to source potential clients and to reach out to both audiences and other business owners, not to mention influencers. It’s a platform for quick, relevant to the point snippets of information engaging a user to see your point of view.

Starting off as a microblogging platform, it still remains effective and one of the best channels to share with the world your opinions. A quick tweet telling your friends about your morning coffee, or to let others know about a great experience you had in your favourite retail place, or even to just keep in touch with loved ones across the globe. It offers a range of benefits to reach a wide range of people and businesses.

Twitter can be a place to get the latest news story and to see events unravel as they happen. Twitter is hungry for content, for information and for users to connect. Providing a way for influence to be at the forefront of our news feeds, it’s the perfect platform to establish a name and gain a following with the pure aim of growing your business.

Trends are big in Twitter and if something is big worldwide, you can guarantee that it’ll be on Twitter. Viral YouTube videos, celebrity news, world news – you’ll find it on Twitter. These can all be found on the platform by their individual hashtags that’s been assigned to the subject. Find the hashtag that you’re looking for and use the search function to find every tweet related to that subject.

Twitter for business

The same principle can be used for your business. By creating a hashtag that is relevant and recognisable to your brand and using that in all your Twitter marketing, you can keep track of all activity that relates to your business, including when users are talking about your brand or an influencer gets hold of your brand – it can all be traced back.

TweetDeck is a great place to keep track of Twitter activity without the need to fill up your news feed with content that you perhaps don’t want to see every time you open the app.

Take note of what the big brands are doing and use their examples in how to reach your audience. Big brands will almost certainly have a presence and are using it to reach out to current clients, attract new customers and to create a great customer experience. Use their @handle in your tweet and they will respond – providing a way to interact with your favourite brands at the touch of a button and receive (almost) instant response. This is a great way to up your customer service levels and to let your clients know that you care about them, and that they are valuable to your business.

Benefits to using Twitter for business?

  • Quick and easy to provide snippets of what you have to offer, links to your website or articles
  • Easy reach for business research
  • Express your opinion or thoughts.
  • Reach new audiences
  • Ask for feedback, including the use of polls or questions.
  • Follow others in your industry / niche
  • Reach a large number of users, quickly
  • Build relationships, provide customer care
  • Stay up to date with latest news and trends
  • Contribute to discussions and industry discussions.

So with these in mind, whatever area of business you are in, there is a way to reach your ideal audience. However to really touch deep with that audience and to be influential in that outreach, a business needs to understand who they are speaking to and who they are targeting to ensure effective results.

Twitter Analytics

This is where Twitter analytics comes in. You can dig deep by looking into the statistics the platform provides (free of charge) and start to understand your audience.

Once in Twitter analytics you will see a menu of options, choose the ‘audience’ tab which will direct you to a page full of follower growth data. By scrolling down you can establish your audience’s interests, demographics, lifestyle interests – even down to which mobile carrier they are with!

Understanding what type of content your audience enjoys or reacts to will drive your social media marketing and content strategy – what’s the point in sharing if people are not engaging?

The information available in analytics is important to establish whether you are reaching your ideal audience or attracting users who would not be a potential customer.

If either case, it may be time to return to your marketing strategy and learn more about who you want to target and who you need to attract in order to grow your business. A marketing strategy will outline what you need to do, in order to see successful results. By coming away from a good strategy, it will have implications on your business growth.

Within the ‘followers’ tab, you are given data that allows you to really get to know your audience. Are they mostly male or female? Which countries do they reside in? What are their top interests? Understanding these will help in your marketing drive. By speaking directly to your audience and providing content that they enjoy to see/read and will engage with and share or comment on, will help boost your engagement and provide a better way to grow your audience – and your business.

If you’re looking to implement a marketing strategy or need advice on how to target your ideal audience, please feel free to get in touch.



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