Everything we do will be shared with you along your whole journey of working with KJP Creative, from start to finish.

We will keep you informed and connect with you at every level to ensure consistency and communication at all times. We hope to engage with each client at their level and in a way that they understand, providing a first class service through every piece of work we produce.

Nothing is hidden. Costs are upfront. Honesty at all times.


You will always find KJP Creative to be honest in every part our business. We conduct ourselves in a trustworthy and reliable manner and will always be honest with everything that we say and do.

We want your customer experience to be a good one and therefore letting you down is not something we take lightly and we will endeavour to always be open and honest with each and every client.


We are a creative virtual agency who specialise in social media marketing. We love to be creative at all times and to work with clients who perhaps need a nudge in how to get creative too!

Creativity comes naturally to us and any client that uses KJP Creative will understand that the ‘norm’ doesn’t have to be boring, we can make any business come alive and will get creative with any industry that we get our hands on!

“Professional and affordable”

We may be a small agency but we are professional and considerate in everything that we do. 

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and providing a professional and affordable service to all. 

No job is too big or too small, if a task it outside of our remit, we also work with other agencies to enable us to provide a range of services that KJP Creative may not personally cover. All of these projects are managed with the strictest confidence and professionalism.   

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