Do you have a hobby ? In this busy day and age we don’t have much ‘spare’ time – but what time we do have, it’s great to have a hobby isn’t it? It’s great to be able to let our hair down, relax and concentrate on nothing but something we really enjoy.

It got me thinking recently that there are many hobbies out there that actually could bring in a little extra income if we did something with them and put them to good use. How handy that would be if we were able to spend our spare time enjoying our hobbies but actually that hobby was bringing in the extra pocket money or extra cash that we needed, just to pay the bills or give ourselves a well deserved treat!

We’re so busy in our lives and we live in a non-stop environment where everything is on the go and to hand that actually it’s good to stop – relax – and enjoy a hobby.

So what hobbies do you enjoy doing?

  • Photography
  • Card making
  • Cake baking
  • Cake decorating
  • Flower arranging
  • Jewellery making
  • Writing
  • Website building
  • Leaflet designing

These are but a few things that we like to do in our relaxing time but if we think about all these on the list above and many many more of the hobbies that we enjoy, these offer us the possibility to earn extra money if we do something with them.

So with our hobbies in mind, how can we earn money from them?

Party Planning

You could you set up a party system (party planning) like Avon, Phoenix Cards, or The Body Shop and companies like that who offer an incentive for the host to have the party in their home. It’s very simple; you find a host and supply the items to sell. The host finds the guests and all show up on the day!

When I’ve done party planning in the past – actually I still do around Christmas and summer time, I always offer an incentive to the host. It gives them a little something extra – sometimes it may be a free gift, or perhaps a percentage off their purchases . It’s totally up to you but when you host the party and give your little ‘welcome speech’ at the beginning – make sure you mention that if anyone is interested in hosting another party, they will receive the incentive also.

In theory one party should lead to another party through word of mouth. If this happens and word spreads, it’ll give you a little extra income to work towards.

Car Boot Sales

One option is to sell your hobby at car boot sales or fairs or church fetes. There are always places to have a stall and to be able to set up for people to see your talents! Whatever time of year it is, you will find somewhere offering a stall: Christmas, Easter, Summer and there are car boot sales everywhere, just have a look on the internet to find the nearest one to you!


You can sell your hobby on Ebay. It’s always good to research what similar items are being sold and what prices they are selling for. Always a good idea to just undercut the competition if you can afford to do so but if not, you don’t want to loose profit – people will always pay for quality. So many people use Ebay and a very large percentage of people in the world are looking.

Thousands of people search through Ebay every day so there is bound to be someone just looking for that special something you have to sell.

earn while with a hobby

Create your own website

Why don’t you think about creating your own website to promote and sell your hobby? Many people have websites just to advertise their hobbies.  It shouldn’t cost too much if you start off small and build up – if things take off then you increase your advertising and put money back into marketing but to start with all you need is an online presence. It shouldn’t take a great deal of time to set up and it’s not somewhere you have to go to do it so that saves time on your part, you can build it in the evenings or step by step when you get spare time (we can even help you with this this). You can list your hobbies on other blog sites and give advice to other people doing the same thing – you too will then receive feedback from others and pointers and tips on their hobbies and the way they do things.

What a great way to network with people who have the same interests and hobby as you.

Social network sites are a great place to start building networks and relationships with people who have the same interests as you. Facebook gives you an option to create a group or a page – the difference is just preference. You can update these daily or weekly with what you’re doing and engage with others to see how others are getting on. You’ll be able to promote and advertise any fairs or events you’re attending and ask others to come along and support you. You can do the same on Twitter and connect with like minded people, offering advice and services to others. You can create lists of your own to divide your hobbies or crafts into different categories and update each list accordingly. If you already have a Twitter account then just reach out to more people – or if you’re starting fresh, search for people that are doing the same as you and can give you inspiration.

The list is endless of what you could do – there is so much you could do if you put your mind to it and realise the potential of what you’re sitting on. You might think of it as ‘just a hobby’ but why not show it off and earn a profit from it? Show the world what you can do! And at the same time use it to build that little extra income for you and your family – what do they say… “every little helps” and how true that is!

Thank you so much for reading and I would love to hear your stories of how you’ve reached out with your hobby and what you’ve done, in the comments below.

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