A few weeks ago I went to watch my daughter’s sports day. It was a brilliant afternoon, the sun was shining and the atmosphere was great.  It was different from other sports days we’d been to and instead of sitting down and watching each race in turn, we followed our class around a circuit while they all did their individual class races in their team colours.

What struck me most was the enthusiasm and commitment from both participants and the parents on the side lines.

The children were so focused and dedicated to winning their race with the finish line in sight and the parents were great sports at cheering their teams on.

Even at the end of the day when they announced which team had won, all the children and parents were supportive of every team and every person who had taken part.

All the races and the enthusiasm got me thinking…

How can we apply this to our lives and our business?

Questions we need to ask ourselves:

  • Are we REALLY focused on winning the race?
  • Are we REALLY set on achieving the end game in what we set out to do?

Solutions we need to realise:

  • Winning comes with hard work and determination.
  • Winning requires a goal and ambition in place in order to achieve.

But also we need to know where the start line is and how to get on the right running track and to stay on the right path.


Have a mentor or a coach to inspire and motivate you


Having a mentor, leader or coach can really and truly help you succeed. Keeping you going along the right path and showing you which directions to go that have been proven time and time again – having that mentor and a team around you is a key to success.

Perhaps you’re a marketer already, perhaps you’ve been trying so long to find that one true system that will work for you – or perhaps you’re just starting out in this field and need a little guidance in what you’re doing. Whichever person you are, you’ve come to the right place to get on track.

It really is great to see people working together, to have a community and a support group to lean on. On your own it can very lonely and you might lose sight of the winning line, you might end up on different paths of the running track and run into troubles. I’m here to give you comfort that you’ve got a team, you’ve got support and you’ve got a mentor to go alongside you. And in time you can turn the tables and be a mentor to others.

I’d love to hear from you if you’re looking for a mentor or coach and you’d like to be part of a community where you can learn from each other and build a winning business that you can be proud of, that will give you financial freedom and that you can really say “Yes, I’ve passed the finish line… AND WON”. Wouldn’t it be great to know that you can replace your day to day income, you can live a lifestyle of dreams and achievements and you’re totally open to new and exciting opportunities?

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